Saturday, 22 October 2011

Playlist 20-10-11

Show from 1-7-10

  1. Anne-Marie TURCOTTE, Variazione profondiche
  2. Juarte BALTRAMIEJUNAITE, divertissement
  3. FLUCTUATION (Buzzarte&Fullman), Fluctuation2
  4. Christine KUBISCH, Circle1
  5. Barbara MORGENSTERN, Morbus basdow
  6. Alice COLTRANE, The Hymn
  7. Laura TOXVAERD, spineside
  8. Christine ODLUND, Lightning& voice
  9. Pauline OLIVEROS, In the Shadow of the Phoenix
  10. Petra KLUSSMEYER, Pandora's box

Friday, 14 October 2011


  1. SOFIA GUBAIDULINA: -Johannes-Passion, lithurgy in heaven
  2. JACQUIE RUTTEN: -sacred liber
  3. FATIMA MIRANDA: -Palimsiesta
  4. MEREDITH MONK: Book of Days, Churchyard entertainment
  5. TSIPPI FLEISCHER: -Portrait, 1st variation
  6. MEREDITH MONK: -Turtle Dreams
  7. IVA BITOVA: -Nenehledej
  8. SUSIE SELF: - Mandala
  9. Paula TRAVER-NAVARRO: -A la Luna

Thursday, 13 October 2011

playlist 061011

  1. Amy Beach :  -Piano quintet in F, opus 67
  2. Sigrid Ernst :  -Triade Drama 
  3.                         -Concertantes duo 
  4.                         -Flute and percussion
  5. Sungji Hung :  -Pater Noster/ The Tempest
  6. Anne Henderson: -Sky scape
  7.                               -Classic
  8.                               -Clouds
  9. Susie Self:  -JeanneD'Arc
  10. Tsippi Fleischer:  -Portrait, fourth variation
  11.                              -Portrait, Coda
  12.                              -Lead life, Le ciel
  13. Linda Long: -Mineral replenish, guanilyn
  14. Ann Lislegaard: -Sara's panorama

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Welcome to the Hildegard to Hildegard blog. We are a long running, unique radio show featuring and promoting the work of female composers, from everywhere and every when. We are open to submissions, and love receiving CDs in the post. Tune in on Thursdays at 2pm, GMT on Soundart Radio, 102.5fm in South Devon or worldwide.
The programme covers classical, contemporary, experimental, electroacoustic and electronic music, and sonic art, though not pop, folk, blues and rock styles.
Soundart Radio is the licensed community radio station for the Totnes area, commercial free, volunteer run and non-profit. We specialise in arts and experimental programming, and provide airspace for rarely heard work.
Contact Ariane and Lucinda with your thoughts, ideas and music.