Thursday, 18 June 2015

Playlist 18-06-15

Presentation by Ariane Delaunois

A.  Part 1
 included real time recording of birds reacting to extracts of the following:

Paola Prestini (Fimmene), Nurit Tilles (raw silk), Annea Lockwood( Dusk), Chia-Yu Hsu (Among gardens) , (Jennifer Higdon) Wissahickon poe trees, Uri Nakayama (Smily moon), M Ito (The labyrinth of mind), Chaminade (lOndine), M Rezende(Resonancias), Prestini (Fimmene), Kassia (tin penta chordon), Prestini (sympathique), Prestini (House of solitude), Caccini (Oche)

B.Part 2
  1. Annea Lockwood: Ground of being
  2. Hildur Gudnadottir: Self
  3. Isabella Leonarda: Ave suavis dilectio
  4. Caterina Assandra: Duo seraphim
  5. Elizabeth Vercoe:   Irreverie de Sapho (3 Mvt: Andromeda rag, older woman's                                                                                                              blues, Boogie for Leda)
  6. Violetta Dinescu: Wenn Der Freude Thranen Fliessen …
  7. Inger Wikstrom: Ballad Opus13
  8. Antje Finkenworth: Wie Soll ich mich nennen
  9. Brigit Welpmann: Die Lieder der Nachtigall
 10. Sarah Meneely-kyder: Weep, The mighty typhoons

Friday, 12 June 2015

PlLAYLIST 11-06-15

  1. Paola Prestini : Fimmene
  2. Nurit Tilles; Raw silk
  3. Anna Rubin: Stolen Gold 
  4. Jane Beat: Capricci for piano (2d mvt)
  5. Annea Lockwood: Buoyant
  6. Paola Prestini: Sympathique
  7. Alice Tegner:Violin Sonata in A Minor: II. Menuetto
  8. Alice Shields: Apocalypse: The Sea
  9. Sheila Silver: To the Spirit Unconquered: II. As If in a Dream
  10. Milica Paranosic: Al Airi Iepo Sviri
  11. Sheila Silver:Twilight's Last Gleaming: III. Peace Pretending
  12. Kassia: I ton lipsanon sou thiki (The Tomb of your Remains)
  13. Daria Semegen: Electronic Composition, No. 1
  14. Annea Lockwood: Dusk
  15. Maria Theresia von Paradis: Sicilienne 
  16. Ruth Lomon:The Sunflower
  17. Elizabeth Vercoe: Fantasy 
  18. Mary Howe: Goethe Lieder - 1. Zweifel
  19. Mary Howe:Goethe Lieder - 2. Heute Geh' Ich
  20. Mary Howe: Goethe Lieder - 3. Mailied
  21. Francesca Caccini: O, che nuovo stupor
  22. Francesca Caccini: Ze vere ("Where I thought my hopes were real", aria)
  23. Kassia: Tin pentachordon Iyran (The Five-stringed Lute)
  24. Takadja: The forest
Presented by Ariane Delaunois

PLAYLIST 04-06-15

PLAYLIST 04-06-15 Presented by Lucinda Guy 
  1. 1.Pauline Oliveros - Lear on the Road
    2.Imogen Holst - O Sorrow
    3. Sylvia Nakkach - Sound Forest
    4. Dinah Bird - A Box of 78s
    5. Anna Rose Carter - My Piano is Broken
    6. Daphne Oram - Oxford
    7. Dinah Bird - Always
    8. Allison Cameron - A Blank Sheet of Metal
    9. Amy Beach - Rendezvous
    10. Si Bleu, Si Calme - Misato Mochizuki
    11. Franghiz Ali-Zadeh - Apsheron Qunitet
    12. The Skein - Ides for Two
    13. Imogen Holst - Over the Hill and Over the Dale

Monday, 1 June 2015

Playlist 28-05-15

1. Tania Leon: Inura: Funny Battle
2. Christina Kubisch: Ocigam Trazom
3. Sri Sulastri: Attack of the endorphins
4. Jennifer Fowler: Treaded stars for solo harp
5. Sigrid Ernst: Quattro Mani Dentro E Fuori
6. Jane O'Leary: Mystic Play Of Shadows
7. Gila Carcas: Magma
8. Lili Boulanger: Chants - 1. Attente
9. Lili Boulanger: Chants - 2. Reflets
10. Lili Boulanger: Chants - 3. Le Retour
11. Jane Beat: Mexican night of the dead
12. Juliana Hall: Night Dances: Sonnet
13. Danielle Baas:Alarm o'clock
14. Danielle Baas: Butterfly
15. Gila Carcas: Droplets over the horizon
16. D E Wrightson: Childhood
17. D E Wrightson: In the mist is sea
18. Vivian Adelberg Rudow: Call for peace
19. Sonja Grossner :Moonlight to sunlight

Presented by Ariane Delaunois

Playlist 21-05-15

Luise Adolpha le Beau - Sonate fur Violine und Klavier
Christina Kubisch - Ocigam Trazom
Fanny Mendelssohn - Adagio fur Violine und Klavier
Marion Bauer - Symphonic Suite for Strings
Ruth Crawford Seeger - String Quartet 1931
Judith Cloud - The Lake has Swallowed the Whole Sky
Yardena Alotin - Sonate for Violin and Piano
Francoise Barrierre - Aujord Hui
Eliane Radigue - Chryptus 2001

Presented by Lucinda Guy