Thursday, 19 December 2013

PLAYLIST 19-12-13

  1. Tansy DAVIES: Inside out
  2. Karin REHNQVIST: Pusksanger-Lockrop
  3. Karin REHNQVIST: Radda mig ur dyn
  4. Grace WILLIAMS: Severn bridge variations
  5. Morgan HAYES: opera
  6. Elinor REMICK-WARREN: Snow towards the evening
  7. Elinor REMICK-WARREN: Christmas candle
  8. Jacquie RUTTEN: Sacre liber, vexila regis
  9. Hildegard von BINGEN; O eterne Deus
  10. Hildegard von BINGEN: Alleluia O Virga
  11. Hildegard von BINGEN: Ordo virtutum
  12. Kaija SAARIAHO: Orion II winter sky
  13. Sally BEAMISH: Kyle song
  14. Elisabeth LUTYENS: Verses of love
  15. Lili BOULANGER: Pie Jesus
  16. Elizabeth MACONCHY: Siren songs
  17. Kerstin JEPPSSON: Fem Folkliga
  18. Kaija SAARIAHO: Oi kuu
Ariane Delaunois produced  the show this week.

We wish you all pleasant holidays, a happy winter season, a merry Christmas, New Year, beautiful celebrations, peace and joy!
BEST WISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We'll be back in 2014 sometime in January, until then enjoy the festive season with exciting specials on soundart radio!

Proms survey


I am always shocked to find no women in most so Titled
 "20th century British composers anthology" or "BBC Proms collection"
 CD's with no women represented at all, you'd think female composers don't exist? You'd be mistaken, there are amazing talents that need light (not because they are simply women but because their work is on the same level as men's).
What is going on with the UK Proms, biggest music festival in the world? 

Jennifer Fowler has compile statistics, check the Women in music website for more!

Here is a quote:

The figures for women in the 2013 Proms season are:
Composers:7/130 (5.4%)[Last year was 9.2%]
Living composers:5/31 (16%)[Last year was 25%]
BBC Commissions:4/17 (23%)[Last year was 45%]
Conductors:4/57 (7%)[Last year was 8.6%]
Instrumental soloists:15/50 (30%)[Last year was 17.7%]

NB is not , the mistake is easily done.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

PLAYLIST 12-12-13

1. Ruth Crawford Seeger: Allegretto, from Suite for Wind Quintet
2. Miya Masaoke: While I was Walking I Heard a Sound
3. Matilde Capuis: Concerto per Oboe e Archi
4. Jennifer Higdon: Splendid Wood
5. Joan Tower: Made in America
6. Imogen Holst: Three Psalms
7. Sally Beamish: Spinal Chords
8. Fanny Mendelssohn: Notturno in G Minor
9. Ruth Crawfrod Seeger: Diaphonic Suite No. 3 Moderato

Show presented by Lucinda Guy

Thursday, 5 December 2013

PLAYLIST 5-11-13

  1. INTERVIEW of Hildur GUONADOTTIR by Ariane Delaunois at Frequency Festival 13 in Lincoln, UK (see web sites concert in Lincoln catheral below)
  2. Touch. 30 Years and Counting,  SIDE4,                                                                   include composers P. Jeck, F. Lopez, S. Weisser, M. Harding, J. Wozencroft                       and Hildur GUONADOTTIR                                                                                             
  3. Louise K. WILSON:                                                                                                           A record of fear                                                                                                       Once a secret military testing site and now a nature reserve, Orford Ness temporarily played host to a series of audio and video works exploring aspects of broadcast and transmission.                                  ( )

           track 4: Weep, O mine eyes (Bennet)
           track 5:  U amplified choir, sine oscilator (Kyriakides)
           track 7:  Centrifuge mix

     4.  Hildur GUDNADOTTIR: Earbraces
     5.  Hildur GUDNADOTTIR: Elevation
     6.  Hildur GUDNADOTTIR and Hauschka : #320
     7.  Zoe KEATING: Hello night
     8.  Julianna BARWICK: Pyrrhic                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             concert in Lincoln: “Sönghellir (The Cave of Song)”          

Links to listen to Lincoln cathedral's concert, organ by Anna von Hauswolff                          

Playlist 28-11-13

Lucinda hasn't passed me the play list yet, there was Clara Schumann, Imogen Holst and local south-west musicians

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hildegard to Hildegard in IAWM journal

 Ariane Delaunois published an article presenting herself and Hildegard to Hildegard show on Soundart radio in the IAWM journal.

Journal of the IAWM

IAWM 2013 Vol 1 Journal
IAWM 2013 Vol 1 Journal

Journal of the IAWM is published twice a year. The Journal includes articles about women musicians, both contemporary and historic; interviews; reports on major conferences, congresses, and festivals; information on current research; members’ news; IAWM news; and reviews of books, concerts, CDs, and scores.

Monday, 25 November 2013

PLAYLIST 21-11-13

  1. Sonja GROSSNER: Legacy
  2. Satoko FUJII: Tremble
  3. Jana WINDEREN: Heated PL5
  4. Signe LIDEN: Load
  5. Hildur GUONADOTTIR: Irridescence
  6. Sonja GROSSNER: War+Peace
  7. Fanny MENDELSOHNN: String quartet in E flat major
  8. Sonja GROSSNER: String quartet
  9. Louise K WILSON: Black Beacon receiver mix
  10. Louise K WILSON: Come, sable night (sampled) (ward)
  11. Louise K WILSON: U amplified choir , sine oscillator (kyriakides)

Live show presented by Lucinda and Ariane

Did you know the IAMW has an amazing newsletter featuring all radios broadcasting female music (incl. Hildegard to Hildegard on Soundart radio)?
We had an amazing conference about female in radio on the 13th November and Sound art radio was 7 years old! CHEERS!

Soundart Radio: from the local to the global and back again.

Soundart Radio seeks to depart from formulaic radio broadcasting fostering experimental approaches for communication and art. The results are community generated radio works and programmes formed through exploration by people from the area and beyond, presented on a platform able to project work across the globe. (Quote from website)

Friday, 15 November 2013

PLAYLIST 14-11-13

  1. Fanny MENDELSONN: Notturno in G minor
  2. Fanny MENDELSOHNN: 6 Lieder, Op.7: No1 to No 6
  3. Fanny MENDELSOHNN: String Quartet in E flat major, 4 movements
  4. Clara SCHUMANN: Three romances for violin and piano, Op.22, ramance N0 1 to 3
  5. Clara SCHUMANN: Three romances, Op.11, I, Andante
  6. Satoko FUJII: Der Traum

Happy Birthday to Fanny Mendelsohnn!!!

Fantastic article on Fanny Mendelsohnn

Thursday, 7 November 2013

PLAYLIST 07-11-13

  1. Satoko FUJII: Gen Himmel
  2. Jana WINDEREN: Submerged
  3. Hildur Guonadottir: Leyfou Ljosinu (35 min)
  4. Elisabeth LIDDLE: Whale Rant
  5. Joanne METCALF: Music for the star of the sea
NB: This week show was 60 min. long.

Friday, 25 October 2013

PLAYLIST 24-10-13

  1. Alexis PARSON
  2. Miya MASAOKA
  3. Miya MASAOKA
  4. Miya MASAOKA
  5. Lulu ONG
  6. Meredith MONK
  7. Meredith MONK
  8. Tsippi FLEISCHER
  9. Lydia KAVINA
  10. Lisa MEARS
  11. Alice SAMTER
  12. Tsippi FLEISCHER
  13. Laurie ANDERSON
  14. Ann HAMILTON
  15. Eliszabeth HINKLE-TURNER
  16. Tsippi FLEISCHER

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

GLUSSTAR by Lucinda GUY with Soundart radio collaborators on WDR3

Don't miss a fantastic sound art radio piece

on 1st November at 11pm (European time) on German radio:

This piece is from Lucinda Guy and includes music and sound art from Lona Kozik, Oima and Ariane Delaunois.
About dreams and poems by Christina Rossetti...

Soundart radio is 7 years old!


PLAYLIST 18-10-13

show presented by Lucinda with guests

1) Annette Ziegenmeyer - Homage to Hildegard von Bingen
2) Cecile Chaminade - Scarf Dance
3) Fanny Mendelssohn - Opus 10 - 5 Lieder
4) Pauline Oliveros - Mercury Retrograde
5) Sarah Bowring - Transit of Venus
6) Indra Riše - Trīs Pavasara Epizodes
7) Molly Lopresti Richards - Afro Etudes
8) Kerryn Joyce - Tank Girl
9) Susie Self - Julian of Norwich
10) Cathryn Morgan Richards - Trago Mills

PLAYLIST 26-09-13

(Show presented by Lucinda)

1.Windfall - Okkyung Lee
2.Grouse Mountain - Alison Doyle
3.Wind Nocturne - Indra Rise
4.South Wind at Clear Dawn - Susie Self
5.Prologue; Let's Go to Neverland; Me and G - Yuki Murata
6.Earth, Wind and Smells - Indra Rise
7.Eclipse; Rain - Lunae Lumen
8.The Phantom Listeners - Lydia Kakabadse

PLAYLIST 4-10-13

  1. Susie SELF: Mandala
  2. Kaffe MATTHEWS with Andy Moor : Locks
  3. Linda CATLIN-SMITH: Diagonal form
  4. Julia WOLF: Lick
  5. Joan DE LA BARBARA: Tune trials and unachievable events
  6. Megan ROBERTS: I could sit here all day, for 2 voices and drums  
  7. Evelyn GLENNIE: Sorbet No 4, woodblock and falling
  8. Evelyn GLENNIE: Sorbet N0 6, Simtak debut
  9. Evelyn GLENNIE (composition of John Psathas): Matre's dance

Friday, 9 August 2013

PLAYLIST 08-08-13

  1. Elisabeth BELL: Loss-long, Song in fog
  2. Elisabeth BELL: River fantasy
  3. Elisabeth BELL: second sonata for piano, 3d mvt, Meditativo
  4. Chia-Yu HSU: Among gardens
  5. Joan TOWER: Made in America
  6. Carol ROBINSON: The moon was but a chin of Gold
  7. Mary HOWE: Viennese waltz
  8. Carin MALMLOF-FOSSLING: Vollmond (2 of the 3 Japanese Haiku)
  9. Tania LEON: Inanura: Understanding
  10. Kaija SAARIAHO: La passion de Simone, Station1
  11. Signe LIDEN: Pendulum                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Web addresses











Friday, 2 August 2013

PLAYLIST 01-08-13

  1. Hilary TANN: Shakkei
  2. Felicity FORD: Radiophonics and me (Long Extract, Museruole festival)
  3. Heidrun SCHRAMM, Stini ARN, Diana MACCARTY (Short extracts, MUSERUOLE festival)                                            
  4. Satoko FUJII: Moonlight/ Sola
  5. Suzie IBARRA: Songbird suite
*Museruole-women-in-electronic , radio

PLAYLIST 25-07-13

  1. Vroni HOLZMANN: Wandelung
  2. Signe LIDEN: Il treno irpino del paesaggio 
  3. Sol REZZA: SPIT prt 3- Revolution as a loop
  4. Sol REZZA: SPIT complete
  5. Chia-Yu HSU: Among gardens

PLAYLIST 18-07-13

  1. Kaija SAARIAHO : 6 Japanese gardens, No6. Stone
  2. Susie IBARRA: Songbird suite
  3. Kikuko KANAI: Variation on Tensagunu-hana
  4. Elisabeth BELL: Fantasy Sonata
  5. Alla BORZOVA: 2 scherzo for clarinette and piano
  6. Johanna BEYER: Dissonant counterpoint II
  7. Kikuko KANAI: Ryyukyu Dances, "Maidens under the moon"
  8. Elodie LAUTEN: Harmonic protection circle
  9. Rebecca CLARKE: Lullaby
  10. Carol ROBINSON: The moon was but a chin of Gold
  11. Wendy CARLOS and Rachel ELKIND: The Shinning (soundtrack main theme)
  12. Mary HOWE: Viennese Waltz
  13. Betty JACKSON KING: Lullaby
  14. Signe LIDEN: Boreal
  15. Francine MARTEL &  Takadja : Wula: The forest   

PLAYLIST 11-07-13

  1. Elisabeth BROWN: Isle Royale Shakuhachi duets: Loons
  2. Miya MASAOKA: For birds, plane and cello
  3. Susie SELF: South wind at clear dawn
  4. Sarah BROWNING: Haiku tr.1 (Golden circle CD)
  5. Sarah BROWNING: Haiku tr.2
  6. Sarah BROWNING: Haiku tr.3
  7. Satoko FUJII: Moonlight/Sola
  8. Carin MALMLOF-FORSSLING: Vollmond, three japa, Neujahr
  9. Carin MALMLOF-FORSSLING: Vollmond, three japa, Der Fruhlingsmond
  10. Carin MALMLOF-FORSSLING: Vollmond, three japa, Herbststrum

Thursday, 4 July 2013

PLAYLIST 04-07-13

  1. Marilyn J ZIFFRIN: Three Haiku
  2. Tania LEON: Haiku
  3. Sarah MEENELY-KYDER: Weep, the mighty typhoons
  4. Siegrid ERNST: 7 Miniaturen nach japanischen Haiku

Friday, 28 June 2013

PLAYLIST 27-06-13

  1. Graine MULVEY: Duo
  2. Laurie ANDERSON: From the air
  3. Sophie WILDER: Black swan, white noise
  4. Delia DERBYSHIRE: Dr Who
  5. Elisabeth PARKER: A retrospective disk
  6. Sophie WILDER: Glenda Jackson
  7. Sophie WILDER: Revisiting her 20-12-12's show on soundart radio
  8. Chris and Cosey: This is me
  9. Louis and Bebe BARRON: Forbidden planet
  10. Helen FULLMAN: Fluctuation 1 
Sophie Wilder was our guest, she talked about her soundart work, about gender and chose the music we played. We had a great time revisiting her show from 20-12-12 (soundart radio show)

Friday, 21 June 2013

BBC Radio4 Women's hour 21-06-13, female composers!

Jenni Murray joined the BBC Philarmonic orchestra to celebrate women and music. 
Listen to it on I-Player if you are in the UK:

Featured composer Elena Kats-Chernin and Alice Mary Smyth with conductor Jessica Cottis.

Oxford bibliographies Women in music article by Heather Hadlock

PLAYLIST 20-06-13

  1. Marilyn J Ziffrin: Moods
  2. Rain WORTHINGTON: Hourglass
  3. Yi-Cheng CHIAN: Oral swing
  4. Yi CHEN: 3 bagatelles to China West No1, Shan Ge
  5. Yi CHEN: 3 bagatelles to China West No 2, Mai Guo Hou
  6. Yi CHEN: 3 bagatelles to China West No 3, Dou Duo
  7. Yi CHEN: Percussion concerto the Night Deepens
  8. Rain WORTHINGTON: Tracing a dream
  9. Rain WORTHINGTON: Time remembered
  10. Rain WORTHINGTON: Shredding Glass
  11. Gabriella Lena FRANK: Hilos:I Danza del Altiplano
  12. Jennifer LOGAN: Sun ruby

Friday, 14 June 2013

PLAYLIST 13-06-13

  1. Hildegard von BINGEN: Ave Generosa
  2. Hildegard von BINGEN: O vos Felices Radices
  3. Iseult de CAPIO: Domna N'Almuc, si-us plages
  4. Beatriz (Beiris) de ROMAN: Na Maria
  5. Beatriz de DIE: Estat ai greu cossirier
  6. Nancy HENNINGS: Skybells II
  7. Monique FULLMANN & Monique BUZARTE: Fluctuation no5
  8. Rebecca OSWALD: New Leaf
  9. Rebecca OSWALD: The rhythm of snow
  10. Rebecca OSWALD: Dancing with unseen friends
  11. Rebecca OSWALD: The gentle rain of your pure love
  12. Rebecca OSWALD: While trying to get used to your absence
  13. Signe LIDEN: Rohrism

Winners of the IAWM Search for New Music Competition 2012 and annual concert 2013

International  alliance for women in music

Find more on:

Thank you to everyone who submitted to our recent call for scores for the 2013 Annual Concert. There were 127 works submitted for review by 65 composers from 14 different countries. With so many works of such high caliber, the decisions were difficult, and the IAWM would like to extend special thanks to Moon Young Ha, Reiko Fueting, and Yoon-Ji Lee for serving as judges. We are pleased to announce that the following works have been selected for the 2013 Annual Concert:
Ming-Hsiu Yen (Taiwan) – Lego City
Lina Järnegard (Sweden) – The Waves: Identity
Jane O’Leary (Ireland) – in a flurry of whispering
Santa Buss (Latvia) was selected to compose a new work for ensemble mise-en, which will be premiered at the concert.
The concert will take place on Friday, October 11th, 2013, at 8PM at University Settlement (184 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002). This concert is being co-presented by IAWM (International Alliance for Women in Music) and The Performance Project @ University Settlement.
Winners of the IAWM Search for New Music Competition 2012

Date: June 1, 2012
Contact: Pamela J. Marshall, Competition Coordinator
Winners of the IAWM Search for New Music Competition
e International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM) has selected winners of its 2012 Search for
New Music Competition. e competition recognizes the accomplishments of IAWM member
composers and fosters IAWM’s goal of increasing awareness of the musical contributions of women.
Performers around the world can seek out the music recognized in the competition as a resource for
their own concert programming. ere were 75 entrants submitting compositions in 10 categories.
Honorees in the various categories are:
eodore Front Prize ($300) sponsored by eodore Front Musical Literature, Inc., for a composer
of a chamber or orchestral work who is at least 22 years old.
Winner: Emily Doolittle of Seattle, Washington for “A Short, Slow Life” for soprano and orchestra.
Miriam Gideon Prize ($500) for a composer at least 50 years of age for works for solo voice and
between one and five instruments.
Winner: Liselotte Westerterp of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for “Fishing Village” for soprano, alto
flute and piano.
Sylvia Glickman Memorial Prize ($500) given by Harvey Glickman in memory of his wife and
supported by the Hildegard Institute, awarded to a composer at least 40 years old for unpublished
works for 3 or 4 instruments, drawing from woodwinds, strings, and piano, with some preference for
piano trios and piano quartets. e music must have had no professional performances.
Winner: Katy Abbott of Australia for “Valentine” for string quartet.
Libby Larsen Prize ($200), awarded to a composer, of a work in any medium, who is currently
enrolled in school.
Winner: Tonia Ko of Bloomington, Indiana for “Siteless Structures” for solo piano.
Honorable Mentions:
Heather Stebbins of Boston, MA for “Shimmerings” for large ensemble (flute, oboe, bassoon, bass
clarinet, horn, trombone, percussion and strings).
Elizabeth Lim of New York City for “Lessons by Swansea”, suite for solo piano.
New Genre Prize ($200), awarded for innovation in form or style, including improvisation,
multimedia, or use of non-traditional notation.
Winner: Paula Matthusen of Middletown, Connecticut for “lathyrus”, structured improvisation for
laptop ensemble.
Page 1
Pauline Oliveros Prize ($150) for works for electro-acoustic media.
Winner: Haruka Hirayama of Lancaster, England for “Tints of July” for flute, guitar and live
PatsyLu Prize ($500) for work in any medium by women of color and/or lesbians.
Winner: Yoon-Ji Lee of Brooklyn, New York for “Lyric Montage” for clarinet, piano, viola and cello.
Honorable Mention: Chia-Yu Hsu of Durham, North Carolina for “Xuan Zang” for horn and
Judith Lang Zaimont Prize ($400), for extended instrumental compositions—large solo or chamber
works—by a composer at least 30 years old whose music has not yet been recorded or published.
Not awarded
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich Prize ($200) for a composition in any medium by a composer 21 years of age or
Winner: Molly Joyce of New York City for “Royal Tide” for flute and percussion.
Ruth Anderson Prize ($1000) for a commission for a new sound installation with electro-acoustic
Winner: Ida Helene Heidel of Norway for “Wall Talk”, a sound installation to be created from
recordings of artists at work and musical fragments.
e judges were Kimcherie Lloyd and Roshanne Etezady. Pamela J. Marshall served as chair of the
IAWM's Competition Committee.
Winners’ biographies
Front prize winner Emily Doolittle was educated at Dalhousie University, Indiana University, the
Koniklijk Conservatorium in the Hague, and Princeton University, and has been Assistant Professor
of Music Composition at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle since 2008. Her doctoral research
was on the relationship between bird and other animal songs and human music, a field in which she
continues to be active. Other interests include traditional music, community music-making, and
music as a vehicle for social change.
Miriam Gideon Prize winner Liselotte Westerterp is a student at Temple University, finishing a BM
in music composition. She has worked as a performer, music teacher, and music therapist.
Writing mostly for chamber, vocal and orchestral acoustic settings, Australian composer Katy
Abbott, Glickman prize winner, leads the listener through a narrative of sound, exploring concepts of
home, place and human nature, frequently exhibiting a cheeky humour. A highly awarded, published
and recorded composer, Abbott cleverly juxtaposes contemporary flavours of traditional settings.
Katy also teaches composition at University of Melbourne where she completed her PhD and is now
an Honorary Fellow.
Larsen prize winner Tonia Ko was born in Hong Kong in 1988 and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. She
is a Master’s student at Indiana University. Her music has been performed by ensembles including
Page 2
the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Eastman Wind Ensemble, and the Luna Nova Ensemble. A
three-time winner of the Lois Lane Prize, Tonia has received recognition from the Belvedere
Festival, Austin Peay State University, and Chinese Fine Arts Society.
New Genre winner Paula Matthusen writes both electroacoustic and acoustic music and realizes
sound installations. Her work often considers discrepancies in musical space--real, imagined, and
remembered. Awards include a Fulbright Grant, two ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers'
Award, a Van Lier Fellowship, and the Walter Hinrichsen Award from the American Academy of
Arts and Letters. Matthusen is currently Assistant Professor of Music at Wesleyan University.
Oliveros winner Haruka Hirayama was born in Japan and studied computer music composition with
Cort Lippe and Takayuki Rai at Kunitachi College of Music. She was winner of the Residence Prize
at the 32nd International Competition of Electroacoustic Music and Sonic Art, and invited to the
Institute for Electroacoustic Music in Sweden. Her works have been performed at the International
Computer Music Conferences of 2005, 2006 and 2009. She is a PhD student at the NOVARS
Research Centre, Manchester University under the supervision of Ricardo Climent.
PatsyLu winner Yoon-Ji Lee is a Korean composer of sound-based and non-linear music. Her
compositions have been performed in Korea, Europe and America, by International Contemporary
Ensemble, Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, and many others. She has recently received
commissions from Ensemble Mise-en and Washington Square Contemporary Music Society. Lee is
the first Korean student to enter the NYU (GSAS) composition program, as well as to receive the
Henry M. MacCracken Fellowship. She studies with Elizabeth Hoffman.
Zwilich winner Molly Joyce is a nineteen year old composer from Pittsburgh, PA. Most recently, she
was selected as the winner of the 2011 Bowdoin International Music Festival Composition
Competition and placed first in the Pennsylvania, Northeastern, and National levels of the Federation
of Music Clubs Junior Composers' Contests. Currently, Molly is studying at e Juilliard School in
New York City with Pulitzer Prize winning composer Christopher Rouse.
Anderson prize winner Ida Helene Heidel studied in New York, Paris, Bombay and Oslo. She is a
flautist as well as a composer and composes in several genres: contemporary, jazz, improv,
electroacoustic music, theatre, children’s projects, and cultural exchange projects, and music for
orchestra and smaller ensembles. She has worked as a street musician, teaches flute in the Norwegian
music school, and has been assistant of Peter Konwitchny directing the Opera Elektra.
Honorable mention biographies
Larsen honoree Heather Stebbins is a composer of acoustic and electroacoustic works. Her music
has been performed at festivals and conferences across the country. She received her BA in
Composition from the University of Richmond, where she studied with Benjamin Broening. She is
currently pursuing a Masters at Boston University, where she works with Joshua Fineberg and is a
teaching fellow for electronic music courses.
Larsen honoree Elizabeth Lim is a doctoral candidate at the Juilliard School, where she studies
composition with Robert Beaser. Noted for its unique expressiveness and verve, Elizabeth's music has
Page 3
been widely performed throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, and she has received honors
and recognition from ASCAP, BMI, the Society of Composers, Inc. (SCI), the National Association
of Composers, USA (NACUSA), the New England Philharmonic, and the Society for New Music,
among others.
PatsyLu honoree Chiayu Hsu was born in Taiwan. She was the winner of the Sorel 2nd International
Composition Competition, the 7th USA International Harp Composition Competition, ASCAP
Morton Gould Young Composer’s Awards among others. Her works have been performed by the
London Sinfonietta, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the San Francisco Symphony, and Eighth
Blackbird. She has received her Ph.D. at Duke University, MM at Yale University School of Music,
and BM at the Curtis Institute of Music.

--- END ---

Thursday, 6 June 2013


  1. Chiara COZZOLANI: Mottetto O quam bonus es
  2. Pauline OLIVEROS: Lion's eye for Gamelan
  3. Pauline OLIVEROS: Lion's tale for digital sampler
  4. Lydia AYERS: Theme and improvisations for woodstock Gamelan
  5. Rozalie HIRS: Article 0 (transarctic Buddha)
  6. Kaija SAARIAHO: 6 Japanese gardens: No 6 Stone bridges

Thursday, 30 May 2013


  1. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Under the flight path
  2. Ursula MAMLOCK: StraybirdsV. Still with utmost simplicity
  3. Eve BEGLARIAN: Wonder conselor
  4. Amy BEACH: A hermit thrush at eve op.92
  5. Annea LOCKWOOD: Delta run
  6. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: Softlence
  7. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: To the white paint
  8. Myra MELFORD and Trio M: Even birds have homes
  9. Nailah NOMBEKO: Children playing and birds chirping
  10. Contesse de DIE: A chantar m'er

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

PLAYLIST 23-05-13

  1.  Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Radio that listens
  3. Nancy VAN DE VATE: Twelve pieces for piano on one to 12 notes, vol.3
  4. Nancy VAN DE VATE: Balinese dyptich
and a few notes from Pauline Oliveros lion's eye

Thursday, 16 May 2013

PLAYLIST 16-05-13

  1. Susan CANNON: Memorial for the city
  2. Sylvia ROSANI: Versteinerte fluge
  3. Tsippi FLEISCHER: Leadlife, Weltschmertz (1st of cycle of 5 songs)
  4. Nailah NOMBEKO: Blake, 4 songs: The lilly, The garden of love, The divine image, My pretty rose tree
  5. Paula TRAVER-NAVARRO: A la luna   (Poem from Gertrudes Gomes de Avellaneda)                                                                                                                                                                       
  6. YI CHENG CHIAN: Time, for voice and 2 celli
  7. Daria BAIOCCHI: Raga
  8. Claire FITCH: Journey
  9. Kaja BJORNVEDT: Music stands , extract 1 &2
  10. Julianna HALL: Theme in yellow,  4 parts: Ripecorn, November, theme in yellow, splinter

Friday, 10 May 2013

PLAYLIST 09-05-13

  1. Susie SELF: So you think you've got an attitude
  2. Chris LASTOVICKA: The end of tyranny
  3. Anne HENDERSON: Skyscape
  4. Graine MULVEY: Soundscape III
  5. Liz LANE: Through the time conceals much
  6. Sonja GROSSNER: Lost world
  7. Vroni HOLZMANN: Petito
  8. Rosemary DUXBURRY: Passage (3d part)
  9. Rebecca OSWALD: Clever plans (from Heroes of the time of the 3 kings game)
  10. Nailah NOMBEKO: Obscurity
  11. Mari KIMURA: Subharmonic partita
  12. Mari KIMURA: Vitessimo for augmented violin
  13. Orie SATO: 3 klein lieder
  14. Rosanne LEVINE: Town meeting

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Thursday, 25 April 2013

PLAYLIST 25-04-13

  1. Beth ANDERSON: Country time
  2. Sigrid ERNST: Quatro mani dentro e fuori
  3. Alex SHAPIRO: Piano sonata II, lento-andante
  4. Nadia BOULANGER: Doute
  5. Cecile CHAMINADE: L'ondine
  6. Sarah KIRKLAND SNIDER: Daughter on the waves
  7. Anna AMALIA; Sonata adagio
  8. Anna AMALIA: Allegretto
  9. Pia PALME: Treasure tube
  10. Wendy CARLOS: Anthem from film 'Tron'
  11. Missy MAZZOLI: Magic with everyday objects
  12. Missy MAZZOLI; In spite of all this
  13. Adriana FIGUEROA: EL Arbol  part1

Friday, 19 April 2013

Interesting article on recognition of female composers
The Recognition of Female Composers 
Matthew Scott Johnson 

PLAYLIST 18-04-13

  1. Sylvia ROSANI: Omerta, for voice and electronics
  2. Sofia GUBAIDULINA:  Zapis:Apophatic
  3. Sofia GUBAIDULINA: Tiper fsigda sniga
  4. Sang Mi Ahn: Hwae Sang (remembrance); 1st mvt: Red
  5. Sang Mi Ahn: Hwae Sang (remembrance): 2d mvt: Sound of bare tree
  6. Sang Mi Ahn: Hwae Sang (remembrance): 3d mvt: Ricochet
  7. Alma MALHER(Schindler Gropius Werfel): Lauer Sommer Nacht
  8. Josephine LANG: Wie Glanzt So Hell
  9. Josephine LANG: An Den See
  10. Pauline VIARDOT GARCIA: Der Jungling und das Madchen
  11. Pauline VIARDOT GARCIA: La regata veneziana, Voga otonoi benedetto
  12. Clara SCHUMAN: Die stille lotosblume
  13. Clara SCHUMAN: Ich Hab' in Deinem Auge
  14. Clara SCHUMAN: Ich stand in Dunklen Traumen 
  15. Fanny MENDELSSOHN: piano in D minor op.11, Lied Alegretto
  16. Fanny MENDELSSOHN : piano in D minor op.11, Finale Allegretto Moderato
  17. Louise FARRENC: Symphony No 3 in G, Adagio allegro
  18. Nova SPIRE: excerpt of Selected piano works 5 vol.1

Thursday, 11 April 2013

PLAYLIST 11-04-13

  1. Danielle BAAS: Variations prehistoriques
  2. Sri SULASTRI: Space butter flies
  3. Sri SULASTRI: Babysteps in the jungle
  4. Elisabeth DE VEGT: Echo&Narcissus
  5. Madalena CASULANA: Morir non puo il mio cuore
  6. Isabella LEONARDA: Sonata duodecima op.16
  7. Barbara STROZZI: L'eraclito amoroso
  8. Mariza REZENDE: Ressonancias
  9. Marcia GARCIA RENARTE: Tres momentos II, momento de reposo
  10. Ellen UGELVIK: Call-notes
  11. Tania LEON: Ritual. (Performed by Martha Marchena, CD Sonoric rituals)
  12. Tania LEON: Ritual. (Performed by Clemons Leske, conducted by Tania Leon, CD Indigena)
  13. Sungji HONG: Sounds & sweet airs
  14. Sungji HONG: Where the bee sucks
  15. Sungji HONG: Full fanthom five

Check the newsletter of the IAWM, lots of info about female music, check their listing, news etc

Friday, 29 March 2013

PLAYLIST 28-03-13

  1. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Dvani
  2. Sol REZZA: The existence of the light, 4 parts
  3. Annea LOCKWOOD: Duende
  4. Francesca CACCINI: Lasciatemi qui solo, aria for voice&continuo
  5. Vittoria ALEOTTI: Mente l' ardite labbia from Ghirland de madrigali
  6. Caterina ASSANDRA: Haec Dies, Motet for 3 voices (from op.2)
  7. Frangiz ALI-ZADE: Music for piano
  8. Tania LEON: Ritual
  9. Alba POTES: Tres piezas breves para piano

Friday, 22 March 2013

PLAYLIST 21-03-13

  1. LOUISA: Snowfall.
  2. LOUISA: Eastern moon.
  3. Elodie LAUTEN: SOSWTC track 5.
  4. Pauline OLIVEROS & Carl Witt: Sound fishes.
  5. Connie CROTHERS & Alexis Parsons: Listen.
  6. Margaret LENG TAN: East broadway.
  7. Margaret LENG TAN: She herself alone, for toy piano & toy psaltery.
  8. BJORK, Evelyn GLENNIE version: My spine.
  9. Diana SIMPSON SALAZAR: Papyrus.
  10. Ingrid OBLED: Si je regarde.
  11. Manuelle BLACKBURN: Causual Impacts.
  12. Sulamit RAN: Inscriptions II:rondino mostly tongue in cheek.
  13. Teresa CARRENO: String quartet in B minorIV. Allegro risoluto.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

PLAYLIST 14-03-13

  1. Jenny MACLEOD: Moderato.
  2. Ikue MORI: Luciol
  3. Ikue MORI: Ephemeroptera.
  4. Ikue MORI: Blatteria.
  5. Jennifer WALSHE& GHIKAS: Good teeth.
  6. Chen-YI & Karen TANAKA: Frozen Horizon.
  7. Chen-YI: Tibetan tunes: Du Mu.
  8. Kathryn MISHELL: Images of Greece, Night, the wind...
  9. Juliana HALL/Sylvia Plath: Lorelei.
  10. Matilde CAPUIS: Concerto per oboe e archi allegro non troppo.
  11. Barbara GUIRANNA: Adagio e allegro in concerto/Allegro.
  12. Lera AUERBACH: 24 preludes for violin& piano Op. 46VIII Andante.
  13. Gloria COATES: Through space.

Friday, 8 March 2013

International WOMAN's DAY


Worldwide today:

Up to 50% of sexual assaults are committed against girls under the age of 16.
Globally, 603 million women live in countries where domestic violence is not yet considered a crime.
Up to 70% of women in the world report having experienced physical and/or sexual violence at some point in their lifetime.
Over 60 million girls worldwide are child brides, married before the age of 18…
In the face of such unacceptable figures, the international community is strongly committed to change the plight of women.

The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) requires that countries party to the Convention take all appropriate steps to end violence.

1/3 of female population of the world is abused, raped, beaten up !  How can that be justified?

PLAYLIST 07-03-13

  1. Dorothy DYWANSKA: The faith of flowers, part 1&2.
  2. Lili & Nadia BOULANGER: Vers la vie nouvelle.
  3. Lili BOULANGER: D'un matin de printemps.
  4. Johana BEYER: Clarinette suite No2 in flat B Major.
  5. Johanna BEYER: Music of the shperes, for electronic instruments and triangle.
  6. Pauline OLIVEROS: Mnemonics III.
  7. Maryanne AMACHER: Sound character vl 2, Part2 Heralds.
  8. Annea LOCKWOOD: World rhythm.
  9. Lydia AYERS: Theme & Impro.
  10. Karen TANAKA: Crystalline.
  11. Gloria COATES: Protestation quartet.
American Mavericks was a radio and internet series produced by American Public Media in association with the San Francisco Symphony and Michael Tilson Thomas, presented by Suzan VEGA. The program featured iconoclastic, American tradition-breaking composers. Many females: PamelaZ, Alison Knowles, Annie Gosfield, Wendy Carlos, Lucia Dlugoszewski, Eleanor Hovda, Wendy Mae Chambers, Meredith Monk, Mary Ellen Childs, Chen Yi.
Here are links to available written interviews:

 Interview of Pauline Oliveros
 Hovda talks about Lucia DLUGOSZEWSKI
 Interviews of Annie Gosfield
 Interview of Wendy Carlos

Thursday, 28 February 2013

PLAYLIST 28-02-13

  1. Lisa MEARS: Parting the clouds.
  2. Lisa MEARS: Reflexions from the eastern sky.
  3. Lisa MEARS: Sunrise over the mountain.
  4. Olga NEUWIRTH: Incidendo/ fluido. (for piano and CD player)
  5. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: The loftly marconimasts.
  6. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: Soft lence.
  7. Annea LOCKWOOD: Delta run.
  8. Pauline OLIVEROS: Time perspective.
  9. Yoko ONO: Pieces for orchestra.

Friday, 22 February 2013

PLAYLIST 21-02-13

  1. Jennifer HIGDON: Voices- Blitz.
  2. Jennifer HIGDON: Voices- Soft embracing.
  3. Jennifer HIGDON: Voices- Grace.
  4. Miya MASAOKA: While I was walking I heard the sound...part 4.
  5. Sofia GUBAIDULINA: Et Expecto III.
  6. Sofia GUBAIDULINA: Musical toys: Forest Musicians.
  7. Amy BEACH: Mama's waltz.
  8. Amy BEACH: Romanza.
  9. Amy BEACH: A hermit thrush at Eve, opus 92.
  10. Amy BEACH: The Old Chapel by moonlight. Opus 106.
  11. Cecil TAYLOR: Tales (8 whips) excerpt.
  12. Helena GOUGH: Grau.
  13. Marina ROSENFELD: Formal arrangement.
  14. Anne James CHATON and Andi Moor:Princess in a mercedes classe S280.
  15. SRI (Sri Sulastri):
  16. Lydia AYERS: Virtual Gamelan, Pendopos.
  17. Stevie Jo DOOLEY: Brain wave.
  18. Elodie LAUTEN: Spiralling clocks.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

PLAYLIST 14-02-13

Special Guest live in the studio : Lona Kozik (conversation and music choice.)
1. Chris LASTOVICKA: The tender ones.
2. Germaine TAILLEFERRE: Chansons du folklore de France.
            En revenant de Nantes.
            Oh, revenez-y toutes.
           A Genn’Villiers.
3. Germaine TAILLEFERRE: Jeux de Plein Air.
            La Tirelitaine.
  Cache-cache Mitoula.
           Piano Study in Mixed Accents.
           Little Brown Dog, from Folksongs for Children.
           White Moon, fr. Five Songs.
             To An Unkind God.
             To An Angel.
             To A Kind God.
6. JULIA WOLFE: Lad - Part 1.
                                     -Part 2.

Friday, 8 February 2013

PLAYLIST 07-02-13


  1. Brian ENO: An ending (ascent).
  2. Lona KOZIK: Wild blue.
  3. Lona KOZIK: Beat.
  4. Fred FRITH: Open ocean.
  5. CANDY ACID: Occupy Powell street.
  6. Gretchen JUDE: Janice Detroit.
  7. Lona KOZIK: Fast Jump, Tangled web we weave.
  8. Lona KOZIK: Fast Jump, Disperse.
  9. Lona KOZIK: Fast Jump.
  10. Zeena PARKINS and Inue MORI: Jezabel.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

PLAYLIST 31-1-13

  1. Karen GRIEBLING: Songs for this dancing ground of sky.                                                                (Automn, Evergreen, Horses in the moonlight.)
  2. Makiko KINOSHITA: Secret signal from the future. (A secret signal)
  3. Karen GRIEBLING: Suite for horn and piano. SherzoII .
  4. Tsippi FLEISCHER: LiederKupite tuk (Buy onions).
  5. Tsippi FLEISCHER: Ancient love.
  6. Tsippi FLEISCHER: The mother.
  7. Junko MORI: Imagery.
  8. Franghiz ALI-ZADE: Music for piano.
  9. Eva BEGLARIAN: Wonder conselor
  10. Lois V VIERK: Gary Trosclair.

Monday, 28 January 2013

PLAYLIST 24-01-13

  1. Kaja BJORNVEDT: Travelling clock.
  2. Delphine MANTOULET: Horloge.
  3. Elodie LAUTEN: Spiraling clocks.
  4. Lisa GERRARD: Space weaver.
  5. Ellen FULLMAN-BUZZARTE: Fluctuation No 2
  6. Laetitia COMPIEGNE DE SONAMI: Ouverture on ice, after G.F. Handle 's Messiah.
  7. Laetitia COMPIEGNE DE SONAMI: Pie Jesu, sounds from empty spaces No3
  8. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Once upon a time.
  9. Iva BITTOVA: Ne Nehledej.
  10. Iva BITTOVA: Paraskeva.

Friday, 18 January 2013

PLAYLIST 17-01-13

  1. Sonja GROSSNER: The course of Sun and Moon. For sound sculptures and 2 singers.
  2. Alice SHIELDS: Transformation of Ani.
  3. Victoria JORDANA: Requiem for Bosnia (Excerpt).
  4. Annie GOSFIELD: Don't bite the hand that feeds back.
  5. Lona KOZIK: Wild blue.
  6. Elodie LAUTEN: SOS W.T.C. Track5.
  7. Elodie LAUTEN: Sparkling spirals.
  8. Elodie LAUTEN: Chanting spirals.
  9. Elodie LAUTEN: Spiralling pianos.
  10. Pauline OLIVEROS: The tuning meditation.
  11. Carla BOZULICH: Running dry (Requiem for the rockets).
  12. Laurie ANDERSON: The end of the world.
  13. Elisabeth BROWN: Isle Royale Shakuhachi Duets: Loons.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR! All best wishes to everyone!
First show of the year is on 17th January at 2 pm (gmt)