Friday, 22 June 2012

PLAYLIST 21-06-12

  1. Susie SELF: The moon is bright.
  2. Susie SELF: Eastern darkness.
  3. Susie SELF: Lovers trial.
  4. Sigrid ERNST: 7 Miniaturen nach japanschen Haiku.
  5. Gunnlaug THORVALDSDOTTIR: Circulation.
  6. Melissa MADEN GRAY: Heart murmur.
  7. Madalena BERNADES; What is earth?
  8. Tsippi FLEISCHER: My childhood slipped away, The Portrait.
  9. Tsippi FLEISCHER: Sing like a bird.
  10. Tsippi FLEISCHER: We shall be naked.
  11. Sungji HUNG: Emendemus in melius.
  12. Jacquie RUTTEN: Alleluia.
  13. Joan DE LA BARBARA: Urban topic.
  14. Joan DE LA BARBARA: Shadow song.
  15. Ruth CRAWFORD-SEEGERS: Prayer of steel.
  16. Laurie ANDERSON: Gravity's angel.
  17. Jessica RYLAN: Can you hear that?
  18. Jessica RYLAN: Why can't we just get along?
  19. Jessica RYLAN: We are the world.

  • 5,6 and 7 are from compilation Blood, muscle and air: the intimate voice from Sonic Art Network

  • There is a list of various important international sound organisations on the following link


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

PLAYLIST 07-06-12

  1. Sophia GUBAIDULINA: St John Passion VII; verrat, verleugnung, gelsselung, verurtellung.
  2. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Nada, an experience in sound (extract). Installation in New Delhi 1998.
  3. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: The Vancouvert Soundscape, O Hildegard WESTERKAMP: The Vancouvert Soundscape,  Ocean sounds.
  4. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: The Vancouvert Soundscape, Squamish narrative. 
  5. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: The Vancouvert Soundscape, The music of horns and whistles.
  6. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Transformation CD, Fantasies for horns.
  7. Errolyn WALLEN: In our life time.
  8. Xu FENGXIA and Ingrid SCHMOLINER: Written in the sand.
  9. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Mother voice talk (exerp).
  10. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: Volcano diaries 2, Escape the edge.
  11. Elisabeth LUTYENS: Triolet II for cello, marimba and harp, op.160b, part 9.
  12. Sharon SULLIVAN: And the river flow part 1.

NB No show on 14-06-12. Next show on 28-06. 

Friday, 1 June 2012

PLAYLIST 31-05-12

  1. Danielle BAAS: cd10
  2. Danielle BAAS: cd7- Etudes.
  3. Danielle BAAS: cd6-Butterfly.
  4. Hildegard VON BINGEN: O Ignus Spiritus.
  5. Alison OGDEN: Attabi.
  6. Ione NJINGA and Pauline OLIVEROS: Nile Night-The Labyrinth.
  7. Susie SELF: Seachange-It was time.
  8. Natasha BARRETT: Exploratio Invisible 
  9. Stacy GARRAP: Seven for piano trio.
If you'd like to listen to more sound pieces and compositions from Natasha Barrett, check her website