Saturday, 20 February 2016

Playlist 18-2-16

1.Chien-Yi Chen: Purr
2. Iva Bitova : Vila
3. Lisa Bielawa : Kafka songs II-A handful of world
4. Alice Shields: Study for voice & tape
5. S.Courvoisier/I.Mori/L.Anker: Great Heron
6. Judith Shatin: For the birds IV Water birds
7. Gayle Young: Avalon Shoreline
8. Sang Mi Ahn: Narval
9. Jennifer Borkowski : Anusvara
10. Hildur Gudnadottir: Heima
11. Ikue Mori: Birthdays
12. Elodie Lauten: Sparkling spirals
13. Julia Wolfe: Anthracite Fields: IV Flowers
14. Sheila Silver: Twighlight's last gleaming:II Souls Ascending
15. Julia Wolfe: Some Say
16. Mayako Kubo: Piano piece for 2 hands
17. Hilary Hahn (with Haushka): Rift
18. Julianna Hall : Letters to Edna VIII: To Mother

Presented by Ariane Delaunois
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