Thursday, 26 June 2014

INFO game music composer , show 26-06-14


1. The book "A composer's guide to game music"

Availble in various format incl. ebox

you can read about it here:

You can also watch a promotional video trailer that gives a brief overview of the book:

2. U-TUBE links

Talk about my music for Assassin's Creed Liberation at the Montreal International Game Summit last November.  You can watch that here:

GameMediaPR   channel (some of available videos)

#Guide supplement to book (sequencing)
#Chicester university interview
#Spore hero (documentary)
# The legend of the Gardians

3. Also

interview Winifred Phillips and PLAYLIST 26-06-14

INTERVIEW Winifred PHILLIPS by Ariane Delaunois


Part 1 all game music composed by Winifred PHILLIPS
1. Assassin's creed III : Liberation - Liberation main theme
2. Legend of the guardians :  The owls of Ga'Hoole - Wild fire
3. Sims animals - Free play
4. Sims animals - Quality time
5. Sims animals - Castle ridge
6. Spore hero - Spore zone
7. Spore hero - Creepy thing
8. Spore hero - Castle ridge
9. Assassin's creed III : Liberation - Secrets of Bayou
10. Assassin's creed III : Liberation - The cathedral Grounds
11. Super Mario : Go Mario!-Super Mario Brothers

Winifred Philips

12. Jessica CURRY : Clockwork Soul (Game  Amnesia : a machine for pigs)
13. Jessica CURRY : These hands are bleeding (Game  Amnesia : a machine for pigs)
14. Dorothea MADER : Pas de deux
15. Tina TERNEs : Windspiel
16. Hollis TAYLOR : Fast forward
17. Hildur GUDNADOTTIR: Irridescence
18. Les LAPPETITES (Matthews, Greie, Akama) : Ouverture
19. Elisabeth JACQUET DE LA GUERRE: Recit elle approche a l'aspect du throne
20. Vivienne Olive : The Blacksmith V, Jig

Show presented by Ariane

SHOW 26-06-14 Sory sound level of broadcasting too low...

If not fixed will be re broadcasted next week possibly

Thursday, 19 June 2014

PLAYLIST 19-06-14

1) Rachel MILLER, Baba Yaga
2) Ester MAGI, Bukoolika
3) Nancy VAN DER VATE, Diversion for brass
4) Hildegard VON BINGEN, O Presul Vere Civitatis
5) Hildegard WESTERKAMP, Breathing Room
6)Sonja GROSSNER, Course of Sun and Moon
7)Judith CLOUD, The lake has swallowed the whole sky 
8)Virginia Aurora SCOTT, Pink Sky, Suilven
9) Miyuki ITO, Double shadows for Sho and live electronics
10)Galina USTVOLSKAYA, Symphony No. 4, Prayer
11)Ruth CRAWFORD SEEGER, Five preludes for piano
12) Imogen HOLST, Three psalms
13) Gloria COATES, the silver eyed soul
14) Carol ROBINSON, Velvet Shoes
15) Ester MAGI, Variations for piano, clarinet and chamber orchestra

Presented by Lucinda Guy

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Jenny Fowler's BBC PROMS SURVEY 2014

Below is my report on this year's BBC Proms season.
Jenny Fowler


For some years Women in Music (UK) has been doing a survey of the numbers of women represented in the BBC PROMS season. The Proms is the largest classical music festival in the world. This year there are 59 evening orchestral concerts, as well as chamber music concerts, daytime events and late-night concerts. The audiences in the Royal Albert Hall are of many thousands, and all the concerts are broadcast, many on television.

The figures for women in the 2014 Proms season are:

Composers: 8/124 (6.2%) [Last year was 5.4%]

Living composers: 8/35 (23%) [Last year was 16%]

Number of works by living composers: 8/51 (15.7%)

BBC Commissions: 1/11 (9%) [Last year was 23%]

Conductors: 4/62 (6.4%) [Last year was 7%]

Instrumental soloists: 16/50 (32%) [Last year was 30%]

The women composers are: Sally Beamish (main evening concert, substantial work); Unsuk Chin (main evening concert, substantial work); Paloma Faith (singer-songwriter, late-night); Helen Grime (main evening concert, short work); Laura Mvula (singer-songwriter, late-night); Roxanna Panufnik (main evening concert, shortish work); Dobrinka Tabakova (late-night, short); Judith Weir (lunchtime chamber concert, BBC Commission).

The conductors are: Marin Alsop (main evening concert); Han-Na Chang (Sunday matinee); (Sian Edwards (Saturday matinee); Rebecca Miller (short morning concert).

To analyse the results: Eight women composers is a larger number than usual, but I have included a new category of number of works by living composers, as the women have only one work each and a number of men had several, so this brings down the proportion of works by women. The best way to increase the number of women composers would be to give commissions to women. This year the figure is quite shocking: out of 11 BBC commissions and co-commissions only one is for a woman and that is for a solo piano piece! In contrast, the BBC has commissioned male composers to write 8 big orchestral pieces in the main evening concerts, with 2 other smaller pieces. Looking at the women conductors, only one of the 4 women will be conducting a main evening concert.

As last year, in order to put the figures in context, I have surveyed the 2014 - 2015 season of classical (mainly orchestral) concerts at the Southbank Centre in London. There are 168 classical concerts where details are available. The figures for women in those are:

Composers 6/140 (4.3%) Unsuk Chin, Anna Clyne, Tansy Davies, Olga Neuwirth, Stevie Wishart, Julia Wolfe.

Living composers: 6/36 (17%)

Works by living composers: 7/53 (13%)

Conductors; 1/78 (1.3%) Marin Alsop


So , as always, the Proms season is no worse, and perhaps rather better than other concert seasons.

Jennifer Fowler

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Playlist 12-06-14

  • Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Fur dich, for you
  • Sonja GROSSNER: Flute solo
  • Kerry POWLES: The ballad of the swans
  • Kerry POWLES: Flanders fields
  • Rain WORTHINGTON: Tracing the dream
  • Rebecca OSWALD: The rhythm of snow
  • Junko UEDA: Months-Spaceship for Zodiac: XIV. Aquarius
  • Sri SULASTRI: In my head
  • Anna KORSUN: Underwater
  • SANG MI AHN: Trio violin, clarinet and piano

  • This was a repeat of 30-1-14 because of a technical fault.
  • Friday, 6 June 2014

    Playlist 5-06-2014

    Hildegard VON BINGEN: Ego Humilitas from Ordo Vertutum
    Misato MOSHIZUKI: Si Bleu, Si Calme
    Jennifer FOWLER: Veni Sancte Spiritus - Veni Creator
    Judith WEIR: King Harald's Saga (4 movements)
    Judith SHATIN: The Passion of St Cecilia (3 movements)
    Helena GOUGH: Grau
    Roshanne ETEZADY: Hot Water Burn Baby
    Elizabeth MACONCHY:  Allegro non Troppo from Quintet (1932)
    Nicola LEFANU: Presto and Cadenza from Amores

    Presented by Lucinda Guy

    Thursday, 5 June 2014

    Playlist 3-04-14

    Doina ROTARU: Symphony No. 2
    Dobrinka TABAKOVA: Such Different Paths
    Beatriz FERREYRA: L'Orvietan
    Hanna HARTMAN: Wespen Vesper
    Okkyung LEE: The Space Beneath My Grey Heart
    Gloria COATES: Holographic Universe: 1. Dark Energy
    The Skein (Andrea PARKINS and Jessica CONSTABLE): Harrow
    Leticia CASTANEDA: Cut Doep
    Polina VORONOVA: Landing
    Annette KREBS: Xirx
    Marina ROSENFELD: Beginner Monster
    Meredith MONK: Low Ring

    Presented by Sophie.

    Playlist 17-04-2014

    Hildur GUDNADOTTIR: Leyfdu Ljosinu
    Pauline OLIVEROS: Lear on the Road
    Ikue MORI: So It Falls
    Gloria COATES: The Silver Eyed Soul
    Okkyung LEE: Over the Oak, Under the Elm
    Franghiz ALI-ZADEH: Music for Piano
    The Skein (Andrea PARKINS and Jessica CONSTABLE): Ides for Two
    Dobrinka TABAKOVA: Suite in Old Style
    Meredith MONK: Slide

    Presented by Sophie.

    Playlist 24-04-14

    Hildegard VON BINGEN: O Ignis Spiritus Paraclitus
    Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Whisper Study
    Sonia GROSSNER: Appassionato
    Eleanor CORY: O'Keefe's Flora
    Ruth CRAWFORD-SEEGER: My Old Hen's a Good Old Hen
    Elizabeth MACHONCHY: Quintet (1932)
    Lydia AYERS: Tala Malika Jak
    Vanessa ROSSETTO: Imperial Brick
    Nicola LEFANU: Very Serene
    Ruth CRAWFORD-SEEGER: String Quartet (1931)
    Missy MAZZOLI: Magic with Everyday Objects

    Present by Lucinda and Sophie.

    Playlist 8-5-14

    Annea LOCKWOOD: Tiger Balm
    Sophie-Carmen ECKHARDT-GRAMATTE: Bassoon Concerto
    Poppy ACKROYD: Rain
    Sainkho NAMTCHYLAK: Syberian 1
    Allison CAMERON: A Blank Sheet of Metal
    Gloria COATES: Where the Eagle Flies
    The Skein (Andrea PARKINS and Jessica CONSTABLE): Zobeide
    Kaija SAARIAHO: Amers
    Sophie HUTCHINGS: The Near Side
    Vanessa ROSSETTO: Eohippus

    Presented by Sophie

    Playlist 29-05-14

    Hildur GUDNADOTTIR: Leyfdu Ljosoniu
    Christina VANTZOU: The Magic of the Autodidact
    Doina ROTARU: Flute Concerto No. 1
    Beatriz FERREYRA: Rio de los Pajaros
    Pinar KOKSAL: Sarkilar Soyluyorsan
    Helen MONEY: Rift
    Okkyung LEE: Meolly Ganeun
    Franghiz ALI-ZADEH: Ashperon Quintet: 1. Tactile Time
    Allison CAMERON: Raw Sangudo
    Meredith MONK: Edge/ Scale Down

    Presented by Sophie Wilder