Saturday, 30 January 2016

solidarity with the the Syrian Women (not a war support!)

Support to Female Syrian composers:
Check the list by
female:pressure is a global network for women in electronic music, active
since 1998, focused on connecting artists, labels, bookers, curators,
event organizers and other stakeholders. Over the past several years we
have intensified our efforts with the objective of increasing the
visibility of women in the field and creating new opportunities. A
worldwide resource of female talent that can be searched after criteria
like location, profession, style or name.

IN THIS PROJECT: the group have put together a show to prounounce
solidarity with the the Syrian Women.  It will be passed into Syria. The
group is sending this around the world as fast as they can. Please pass it
on it you know someone who might be interested.

Playlist 28-01-2016

  1. Tanya Dartson: The morningsside park
  2. Elizabeth Raum: thekingdom of heaven
  3. Laura Pettigrew: The sky came down
  4. Elisabeth Brusa: Suite grotesque:Adagio
  5. Adriana Figueroa Mañas: metropolis-orquesta-UNC-Mendoza
  6. Adriana Figueroa Mañas: noche y bandoneon
  7. Tania Leon: Inura-Manifest
  8. Annie Neikirk: Gangrel
  9. Thea Musgrave: Hate whom ye list
  10. Annea Lockwood: Dusk
  11. Sang Mi Ahn: Elliptical Orbits
  12. Jennifer Borkowski: Still
  13. Jennifer Borkowski:Tenderness of Cranes
  14. Jennifer Borkowski: Les folies d'Espagne
  15. Elaine Lillios: Au Deuxieme Etage
  16. Marina Rosenfeld: Liverpool/...'round Downtown by Myself/ Tick Tok
Presented by Ariane Delaunois

Sunday, 24 January 2016

PLAYLIST 21-01-2016

  1.  Amanda Johnson: Canary music (final version)
  2. Annea Lockwood: Boyant
  3. Thea Musgrave: Hate whom ye list
  4. Anne Neikirk: Gangrel
  5. Tania Leon: Inura-Lust
  6. Tania Leon: Inura-Respect
  7. Tania Leon: Inura- Understanding
  8. Adriana Isabel Figueroa Maña: El libro de los encantamientos part1
  9. Adriana Isabel Figueroa Mañas: El libro de los encantamientos part2
  10. Adriana Isabel Figueroa Mañas: El libro de los encantamientos
  11. Elisabeth Raum: Waltz with trio
  12. Elisabeth  Raum: Mystery
  13. Elisabeth Raum: The sybil
  14. Elisabetta Brusa: Suite grotesque
  15. Jennifer Borkowski:Anusvara
  16. Jennifer Borkowski: The Calm Yet Constant Change Along the Shoreline
  17. Jennifer Borkowski: Syrinx
  18. Elaine Lillios: Au deuxieme etage
  19. Marina Rosenfeld: I launch an attack
  20. Marina Rosenfeld: seeking solace why why
  21. Marina Rosenfeld: New York/ it's all about
Presented by Ariane Delaunois

Monday, 18 January 2016

HAPPY 2016

We continue this year with programs dedicated exclusively to female composers! And we wish everyone, composers and listeners a brilliant 2016!