Thursday, 27 February 2014

PLAYLIST 27-02-14

Replay 9-1-14,
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playlist 27-02-14

  1. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Fur Dich
  2. Sonja GROSSNER: Flute solo
  3. Kerry POWELS: The ballad of the swans
  4. Kerry POWELS: Flanders field
  5. Rain WORTHINGTON: Tracing a dream
  6. Rebecca OSWALD: The rhythm of snow
  7. Akemi NAITO: Months-Spaceship for zodiac XIV. Aquarius
  8. Sri SULASTRI In my head
  10. Anna KORSUN: Underwater
  11. SANG MI AHN: Trio violin clarinette piano

Friday, 14 February 2014

PLAYLIST 13-02-14

1. Vivienne OLIVE: The blacksmith (All 6 Movements: Prelude, Alman, Courrante,                                                                                              Sarabande, Jig, Postlude, Folksong)
2. Courtney BRYAN: Wade in water
3. Florence PRICE: Dances with the canebrakes: Numble feet
4. Margaret BONDS: 3 dream portraits: Dream variation
5. Tania LEON: Imura: teaching
6. Sylvie COURVOISIER: 12
7. Mari TAKANO: Mugen no tsuki, mugen no hashi, mugen no tsuki
8. Mari TAKANO: Women paradise IV: L'abandon
9. Mari TAKANO: Women paradise II: Sexuality
10. Meredith MONK (feat. Pamela Z): Scared song
11. Miyuki ITO: The fire of the within for Satsuma-biwa and live electronics of "in the state of flux"
12. Kui DONG: Crossing (Movement I & II)
13. Kui DONG: Pangu song
14. Marcia GARCIA- RENART: 2d mvt of 3 movementos: Momento de reposo
15. Makiko KINOSHITA: Seagulls for mixed chorus & orchestra
16: Anna KORSUN: Isostasie for quintet

Friday, 7 February 2014

PLAYLIST 06-01-14

1) Unisono by Agata Zubel
2) The roots of the world are entwined in the wind by Liza Lim
3) Atabi by Allison Ogden
4) Quatuor VI by Betsy Jolas
5) Allegretto from suite for wind quintet by Ruth Crawford Seeger
6) Mollys Song 3 by Rebecca Saunders
7) Sizzle by Margeret Brouwer
8) Blow by Mirjam Tally
9) Wet this morning by Virginia Aurora Scott
10) Fieldwork by Virginia Aurora Scott
11) Lunar Loops by Gloria Coates
12) The Mermaid by Lydia Kakabadse
13) Balinese Dyptych by Nancy Van der Vate
14) Night Flights by Christina Kubisch

Presented by Lucinda and Sophie