Friday, 23 May 2014

PLAYLIST 22-05-14

  1. Hildegard von BINGEN: O Felices Radices
  2. Graine MULVEY: Shifting colours
  3. Michiko SHIMANUKI: Bicycle thief
  4. Michiko SHIMANUKI: Prelude (piano solo)
  5. Peggy LEE trio: Sound from the big house
  6. Joan BRACKEEN: Flora
  7. Kerri POWELS: Ocean waves
  8. Mary MAGEAU: Triple concerto
  9. Paula TRAVER-NAVARRO: Hades lacrimosae
  10. Kaff MATTHEWS: Long thin room
  11. Gloria COATES: Still
  12. Anna KORSUN: "Wehmut" and it is for  5 voices, violin, double bass, prepared piano and sound objects
  13. Signe  LIDEN: Load
  14. Isabella LEONARDA: Sonata duo decima Op.16
Presented by Ariane Delaunois

Thursday, 15 May 2014

PLAYLIST 15-5-14

  1. Sophia GUBAIDULINA: Rejoyce
  2. Louise FARRENC: Symphony No3
  3. Laura Elsa SCHWENDINGER: Ce la luna questa sera?
  4. Augusta READ-THOMAS: Moon jig
  5. Satoko FUJII: The desert
  6. Nancy v/d VATE: Suite from Nemo
  7. Pauline TRAVER NAVARRO: Tombatossals
  8. Elsa JUSTEL:PeeCaBoo
Presented by Ariane Delaunois

Monday, 12 May 2014

PLAYLIST 20-3-14

  1. Nashiko HAJO, (perfo by Sumire Yoshihara): Prelude for vibrophone
  2. Sumire YOSHIHARA: In a dream
  3. Nancy V/d VATE: 2 for 2
  4. Ulrike HAAGE: A walz for Ella
  5. Pauline Oliveros with Randy raines-Reusch:....quiet montains
  6. Junko MORI: Imagery
  7. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Attending to sacred matters
  8. Sophia GUBAIDULINA: Silenzio
  9. Judith SHATIN: Spin
  10. Lisa MEARS: Crystal rain from Oriental sky
  11. Myra MELFORD: Love is a dream
  12. Rain WORTHINGTON: Hourglass

A history of 20th century Music new book honouring women composers

Elliot Antokoletz' latest book, "A History of Twentieth-Century Music in a Theoretical-Analytical Context, " published by Routledge, is a monumental work that integrates an account of the genres and concepts of twentieth-century art music with the larger political, social, economic and cultural framework of their time.

I am honored to be amongst the women composers presented in this book, along with Tower, Zwilich, Larsen Lutien, Tailleferre, and Crawford Seeger.
I hope you will encourage your university library to order this book, and/or add it to your own library.

Here is one of the reviews of the book:
"Elliott Antokoletz perceptively interweaves a coherent theoretic-analytical
thread through a historic framework of music of the twentieth century. His
substantial and original detailed analyses of specific works are illuminated
by their insightful placement into the broader social, cultural and
political context. Particularly welcome is his extension of the
Western-European art music perspective to include studies of East Asian
composers, more women composers, Latin American composers, and others."

                             Victoria Fischer Faw, Elon University

Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Hildegard to Hildegard radio show keeps going!

We have had some difficulties keeping up with the blog but the show wasn't discontinued, sorry we haven't posted all the exciting playlists! Hopefully we will catch up! Keep listening, the female composers music is truly exciting!
Lucinda, Sophie and Ariane

Message from Pauline Oliveros about the Deep Listening Institute

Running on Empty
A Personal Appeal from Pauline Oliveros

May 7, 2014
Dear Friends and Supporters of Deep Listening,

As some of you may know, the Deep Listening Institute moved out of its Kingston, NY, office at the end of April.  We could no longer afford the rent.  The work of DLI continues, of course, and in fact this has been one of our most exciting years.  We held our first three-day academic conference, “Deep Listening: Art/Science,” last July at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and we’re holding our second one there this July, with an added one-day music festival and keynote speeches by Harvard auditory neuroscientist Peter Cariani and our own Stuart and Renko Dempster.  Last June in Los Angeles we showcased the first act of Ione’s and my new opera, The Nubian Word for Flowers, to rave reviews.  You can see an excerpt here:

We published two exciting new books, Ione’s Spell Breaking -- Remembered Ways of Being, with readings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Kingston, Woodstock and Olive Bridge Library, and my Anthology of Text Scores. Both are being performed worldwide in places like South Korea, the United Kingdom, Canada and France.  And last September the Deep Listening Band celebrated its 25thAnniversary by performing and recording for a week at the Dunrobin Sonic Gym in Ottawa.  We plan to release the recordings on the Deep Listening label.

This year we held our 18th annual Dream Festival and our 14th annual Women and Identity Festival.  In April we staged a three-hour listening marathon of DLI Catalog Manager Al Margolis’ new 3 CD set, Thirty.  The set is a 30-year retrospective of Al’s groundbreaking music, composed and recorded under the name If, Bwana, and the marathon was mind blowing and body elevating.  And this month, May 21-25, we are presenting a sonic installation at the Whitney Biennial in New York City, featuring my electronic music and performances by the International Contemporary Ensemble.

So the mission of Deep Listening continues to grow, but right now we are in a short period of transition.  We are working out of our homes, ironing out details for the upcoming Art/Science conference, and making plans for a transformative new future.  As soon as those plans are finalized, I will let you know, but in the meantime we have bills to pay -- staff salaries, storage costs, business expenses.  And the hard truth is we are practically broke.  Any donation you can make to DLI is urgently needed and profoundly appreciated.

This is a very exciting time for the Deep Listening Institute, but also a little scary.  Please help if you can.