Saturday, 15 December 2012

PLAYLIST 13-12-12

  1. Jacqui RUTTEN: The Stable.
  2. Jacqui RUTTEN: Christmas music box.
  3. Sungji HONG: Credo.
  4. Sungji HONG: Sanctus.
  5. Myra MELFORD and Tanya KALMANOVITCH: Indefatigable.
  6. Marie BOULANGER: D'un soir triste. 
  7. Shirley WALKER: The Grand Finale (Soundtrack version, Edward scissor hands.)
  8. Errolyn Wallen: Louis Loop
  9. Hilary Tann: The Cresset stone.
  10. Elena KATS-CHERNIN: Gypsy ramble for viola, cello and piano.
  11. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Radio that listens.
 Keep listening to Soundart radio! It's full of treasures for your ears and soul..............................

Sunday, 9 December 2012

PLAYLIST 06-12-12

  1. Hildegard von BINGEN: Oignis spiritus.
  2. Hildegard von BINGEN: Symphonia O dulci me amator.
  3. KASSA: I Edessa.
  4. KASSA: O vasileus tis doxis Christos.
  5. Elisabeth JAQUET DE LA GUERRE: Cantate biblique N05 a dessus, livre II, Jephe, air "Vous, ces cheres compagnes."
  6. Elisabeth JAQUET DE LA GUERRE: Les pieces pour qui peuvent se jouer sur violon, Sarabande.
  7. Elisabeth  JAQUET DE LA GUERRE: Sonate pour violon, viole obligee et basse continue: Aria.
  8. Sungji HONG: Missa lumen lumine, Gloria.
  9. Sang Mi AHN: Psalm 30.
  10. Dorota DYWANSKA: Sebastian in the dream.
  11. Cecile CHAMINADE: Automne Opus 35.
  12. Liz LANE: Interlude.
  13. Daria BAIOCCHI: Ombre.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

PLAYLIST 29-11-12

  1. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Turen der Wahrenehmung.
  2. Alice SAMTER: Sketch for 3 holzblaser. 3 mvts.
  3. Ruth CRAWFORD-SEEGER: Diaphonic suite No2 for bassoon and cello. 3 mvts.
  4. Sonia GROSSNER: War and peace.
  5. Sonia GROSSNER: Parody.
  6. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: Meeting in the middle. Karpestra dairy.
  7. Sofia GUBAIDULINA: In Erwartung, saxophone quartet &6 percussionists.
  8. Olga NEUWIRTH: Quasare pulsare.
  9. Danielle BAAS: Elegance.

Friday, 23 November 2012

PLAYLIST 22-11-12

  1. Lona KOZIK: On a clear day you can see for miles.
  2. Lona KOZIK: End of Tether.
  3. Lona KOZIK: Disperse.
  4. Orie SATO: Rondon.
  5. Sang-Mi ANH: Convergence.
  6. Odaline de la MARTINEZ: Canciones. Song of the rider.
  7. Odaline de la MARTINEZ: Canciones. It's true.
  8. Odaline de la MARTINEZ: Canciones. Farewell.
  9. Tania LEON: Indigena.
  10. Susie IBARRA trio: Trance NO3.
  11. Susie IBARRA trio: Trance NO1
  12. Susie IBARRA trio: Nocturne.
  13. Jana WINDEREN: 4 celcius.
  14. Kaffe MATTHEWS: Hot bath.
  15. Silke EBERHARD quartet: Mohnmarzipan.
  16. Amy BEACH: Wir drei opus 51/1.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

PLAYLIST 15-11-12

1. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: Hallhill.
2. Sang-Mi ANH: Loki's castle.
3. Unsuk CHIN: Violin concerto, mvt 2.
4. Sang-Mi ANH: Dirge for the Earth elements.
5. Joseph Jarman with Myra MELFORD: Love in Dreamtime. (From CD Out of the mist.)
6. Myra MELFORD and Tanya KALMANOVITCH: Daulaghiri.
7. Myra MELFORD and Tanya KALMANOVITCH: Wapanama.
8. Myra MELFORD and Tanya KALMANOVITCH: Kailash.
9. Myra MELFORD (TRIO M): Even birds have homes (to return to).
10. Tanja ORNING: Hommage a Anna Eva Bergman.
11. Natasha BARRETT: Microclimate IV, Wet face.
12. Natasha BARRETT: Microclimate VI, Remote gate.
13. Kaaia SAARIAHO: 6 japanese gardens No6, stone bridge.
14. Kaaia SAARIAHO: D'om le vrai sensVI, A mon seul desir.

  • Listen to Unsuk CHIN , Su played by Wu Wei 

  • NEWS: Sang-MI ANH has won the 31st  Republic of Korea composition Prize 

         with her chamber orchestra piece LOKI'S CASTLE! Congratulation!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

PLAYLIST 08-11-12

  1. Susie SELF: Spirit of the valley.
  2. Susie SELF: Definition.
  3. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: She finds ways. (From mestreamed for J. Cage.)
  4. John CAGE: Slowly. (CD incl. Meredith Monk compo.)
  5. Elisabeth DEVEGT: Noctavagant.
  6. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: The story of that. (From mestreamed for J. Cage.)
  7. Pauline OLIVEROS and Mia MASOAKA: Afternoon, Hirusugi.
  8. Lisa MEARS: Gathering the morning dew.
  9. Lisa MEARS: Painting a rainbow.
  10. Lisa MEARS: Sunrise over the mountain.
  11. Ingrid SCHMOLINER with Mauro Tiberi: The weird fag frog.
  12. Lulu ONG: No enough coffee.
  13. Xu FENGXIA and Ingrid SCHMOLINER: sesanfuartgong und nermakuman.
  14. Sister Rosetta THARPE: Train.
  15. Dorotha DYWANSKA: Der Sonnensang.
  16. Dorotha DYWANSKA: The Hymn to Aphrodite.
  17. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: First I heard her name (from Karpestra Dairies.)

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Sorry again, no broadcasting today! Soundart radio faces more technical problem with the new studio. We hope it will be resolved soon!

PLAYLIST 25-10-12

  1. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Dhvani.
  2. Stepanida Borisova:  (Black Raven) Khara Suor.
  3.  Shirley WALKER: Phantasm's graveyard murder. (From film: Batman, Mask of phantasm.)
  4. Shirley WALKER (with Elfman): The tide turns (Suite). (From film: Edward Scissorhands.)
  5. Rachel PORTMAN: We all complete. (From film Never let me go.)
  6. Debbie WISEMAN: Echoes of Camilla.(Theme for film: Lesbian vampire killer.)
  7. Debbie WISEMAN: Before you go. (For film: Something there.)
  8. Debbie WISEMAN: Oscar. (Theme from film Wilde)
  9. Leslie BARBER: Before you go.(From film: Moth Diaries.)
  10. Jennie MUSKETT:Dance with the Devil. (From film: Spooks.)
  11. Jennie MUSKETT: Beyond reach.(From film: Miss Austen's regret.)
  12. Rachel FORSYTH: Shadow fall.
  13. Rachel FORSYTH: While Away.
  14. Dorota DYWANSKA: Hymn of creature.
This week film music composers:
 Shirley Walker, Rachel Portman, Debbie Wiseman, Leslie Barber, Jennie Muskett.

Here are 2 interesting articles on female composers in film industry:

  • See article of Michael Carlsson:

  • Also don't be alarmed with picture of this following article:

Thursday, 18 October 2012


Sorry no live show today! We are having technical problems, probably no broadcasting until this evening on Soundart radio.

Friday, 12 October 2012

PLAYLIST 11-10-12

  1. Lisa MEARS: Crystal rain from Oriental skies.
  2. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: Tiny adjustments in my head.
  3. Hildur GUDNADOTTIR: Aether.
  4. Natasha BARRETT: Mobilis in Mobil.
  5. Lisa GERRARD: Space Weaver.
  6. Lisa GERRARD; Pai's theme. Music for Whale Rider.
  7. Michiru OSHIMA, for Ravel Quartet: For the East III.Festival.
  8. Noriko MATSUEDA: The thunder plains. Music for Final Fantasy.
  9. Delphine MANTOULET: Horloge. Music for Indignados.
  10. Delphine MANTOULET: Paris canette. Music for Indignados.
  11. Delphine MANTOULET: Bouteille. Music for Exils.
  12. Anne FIDJAL: Errance. Music for Histoire d'un conflit.
  13. Susan CANNON: Off the rails.
  14. Susan CANNON: Spryte.
  15. Susan CANNON:Thin ice.

Lisa Gerrard, Michiru Oshima, Noriko Matsueda, Delphine Mantoulet, Anne Fidjal.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

New year starts on Thursday 11th Oct.12

We had a long summer break with the studio moving to new premises in Dartington!
The Hildegard to Hildegard show will resume on the same time and day as last year for another exciting year. Join us every Thursdays at 2 p.m. GMT on or locally on FM102.5 !

Friday, 13 July 2012


We are now on holiday until September, HAVE A NICE SUMMER!

PLAYLIST 12-07-12

  1. Annie GOSFIELD: Lightning slingers & Dead ringers, Machine like but with some groove.
  2. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Breaking news.
  3. Margaret NOBLE: Sparkling.
  4. Margaret NOBLE: Sparkling.
  5. Grainne MULVEY: Two reflections, the sea and the tower.
  6. Grainne MULVEY: Two reflections, the light.
  7. Grainne MULVEY: Sonic studies: 1. Wood   2.Clay
  8. Elisabeth HINKEL-TURNER: Saliva. (Frog peak project) 
  9. Lulu ONG: No enough coffee.  (Frog peak project)
  10. Monique BUZZARTE& Ellen FULLMAN: Fluctuation N03.
  11. Jean Y FOO: Voyage upwards, string quartet N01,  3d movement.
  12. Virginia AURORA-SCOTT: Escape to the edge.
  13. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Whisper studies.
  14. Linda LONG: Absorband balance: Thyrotropin.                                                                                                           

PLAYLIST 05-07-12

SORRY! WE HAD STREAMING PROBLEMS on this show. It happened mid-way so no internet broadcast was available, only Fm locally.

  1. Emma Lou DIEMER: Encore.
  2. Vroni HOLZMANN: 1st day of the century.
  3. Sharon SULLIVAN: Sahara.
  4. Sarah BROWNING: Haiku n03
  5. Sarah BROWNING: Golden circle.
  6. Grainne MULVEY: Akanos.
  7. Grainne MULVEY: Horizons fanfare.
  8. Grainne MULVEY: Scorched earth.
  9. Sophie WILDER interview

Friday, 22 June 2012

PLAYLIST 21-06-12

  1. Susie SELF: The moon is bright.
  2. Susie SELF: Eastern darkness.
  3. Susie SELF: Lovers trial.
  4. Sigrid ERNST: 7 Miniaturen nach japanschen Haiku.
  5. Gunnlaug THORVALDSDOTTIR: Circulation.
  6. Melissa MADEN GRAY: Heart murmur.
  7. Madalena BERNADES; What is earth?
  8. Tsippi FLEISCHER: My childhood slipped away, The Portrait.
  9. Tsippi FLEISCHER: Sing like a bird.
  10. Tsippi FLEISCHER: We shall be naked.
  11. Sungji HUNG: Emendemus in melius.
  12. Jacquie RUTTEN: Alleluia.
  13. Joan DE LA BARBARA: Urban topic.
  14. Joan DE LA BARBARA: Shadow song.
  15. Ruth CRAWFORD-SEEGERS: Prayer of steel.
  16. Laurie ANDERSON: Gravity's angel.
  17. Jessica RYLAN: Can you hear that?
  18. Jessica RYLAN: Why can't we just get along?
  19. Jessica RYLAN: We are the world.

  • 5,6 and 7 are from compilation Blood, muscle and air: the intimate voice from Sonic Art Network

  • There is a list of various important international sound organisations on the following link


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

PLAYLIST 07-06-12

  1. Sophia GUBAIDULINA: St John Passion VII; verrat, verleugnung, gelsselung, verurtellung.
  2. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Nada, an experience in sound (extract). Installation in New Delhi 1998.
  3. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: The Vancouvert Soundscape, O Hildegard WESTERKAMP: The Vancouvert Soundscape,  Ocean sounds.
  4. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: The Vancouvert Soundscape, Squamish narrative. 
  5. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: The Vancouvert Soundscape, The music of horns and whistles.
  6. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Transformation CD, Fantasies for horns.
  7. Errolyn WALLEN: In our life time.
  8. Xu FENGXIA and Ingrid SCHMOLINER: Written in the sand.
  9. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Mother voice talk (exerp).
  10. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: Volcano diaries 2, Escape the edge.
  11. Elisabeth LUTYENS: Triolet II for cello, marimba and harp, op.160b, part 9.
  12. Sharon SULLIVAN: And the river flow part 1.

NB No show on 14-06-12. Next show on 28-06. 

Friday, 1 June 2012

PLAYLIST 31-05-12

  1. Danielle BAAS: cd10
  2. Danielle BAAS: cd7- Etudes.
  3. Danielle BAAS: cd6-Butterfly.
  4. Hildegard VON BINGEN: O Ignus Spiritus.
  5. Alison OGDEN: Attabi.
  6. Ione NJINGA and Pauline OLIVEROS: Nile Night-The Labyrinth.
  7. Susie SELF: Seachange-It was time.
  8. Natasha BARRETT: Exploratio Invisible 
  9. Stacy GARRAP: Seven for piano trio.
If you'd like to listen to more sound pieces and compositions from Natasha Barrett, check her website

Friday, 25 May 2012

PLAYLIST 24-5-12

  1. Nancy VAN DE VATE: Viola concerto.
  2. Beth ANDERSON: Country time.
  3. Beth ANDERSON: Tower of power.
  4. Kaffe MATTHEWS: CD Bea, The Red ROOM tr.5
  5. Kaffe MATTHEWS: CD Bea, The Red ROOM tr. 6
  6. Kaffe MATTHEWS: CD Bea, The Red ROOM tr. 7
  7. Kaja BJORNVEDT: A passage through.
  8. Patricia LEONARD: Diabolique, for electric violin.
  9. Elisabeth De VEGT: Noctivagant intro.
  10. Clara ROCKMORE: The swan.
  11. Joelle LEANDRE with Kevin NORTON: Winter December No7.
  12. Julia WOLFE: Earing.
  13. Gloria COATES: Indian sounds.
  14. Chantal DUMAS with Christian Colon: Le petit homme dans l'oreille, Km0

Friday, 18 May 2012

PLAYLIST 17-05-12

  1. Susie SELF: Ringecked doves.
  2. Susie SELF: Whale song.
  3. Susie SELF: Sea changes.
  4. Orie SATO: Rondon.
  5. Sonja GROSSNER: Double concerto for trombone and clarinette,  mvt1 Moderato Brioso.
  6. Sonja GROSSNER:  Double concerto for trombone and clarinette, mvt2 Misterioso-Ardante.
  7. Sonja GROSSNER:  Double concerto for trombone and clarinette, mvt3 Allegro-Assai.
  8. Sungji HONG: Black arrow.
  9. Pia PALME: CD Orchidee, From scratch, impro for recorder and electronics.
  10. Annie GOSFIELD: Lightning Slinders and Dead Ringers,mvt1 with enthousiasm and a little violence.
  11. Ulrieke HAAGE: Wallenstein.
  12. Christine ODLUNG: Lightning and voices.
  13. Elisabeth DE VEGT: Sand song.
  14. Elisabeth DE VEGT: Echo and Narcissus.
  15. Elisabeth DE VEGT: Sand song.
  16. Louise FARRENC: Symphonie n0 3 in G, mvt2, adagio cantabile.
  17. Cathryn MORGAN-RICHARDS: Torquay Balcony.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Meredith Monk, American composer award 2012

Meredith Monk won the American composer award this year. It's also her birthday, she is 70 years old!
Her website is great ! Check it out : 

Enjoy her music with the visuals, here is her piece
Book of days (full film)

Don't miss this article from Marc Swed in Musical America Worldwide :

PLAYLIST 10-5-12

  1. Susie SELF: Dream.
  2. Meredith MONK: Book of Days -Dawn.
  3. Meredith MONK: Book of Days -Travellers4, Churchyard entertainment.
  4. Meredith MONK: Book of Days -Afternoon melodies.
  5. Meredith MONK: Atlas part 2 -  CD1 - Agriculture community.
  6. Meredith MONK: Atlas part 2 -  CD2 - Loss song.
  7. Meredith MONK: Atlas part 2 -  CD2 - Campfire . Hungry Ghost.
  8. Jennifer HIGDON: Pale yellow.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Some articles

PLAYLIST 04-05-12

  1. Nancy VAN DE VATE: A peacock south east flew.
  2. Alice COLTRANE: Sita Ram.
  3. Alice COLTRANE: Jagadiswar.
  4. Daria BIOCCHI: Raga.
  5. Silvia ROSANI: Versteinerte Fluge.
  6. Silvia ROSANI: Omerta.
  7. Silvia ROSANI: Eta celeste.
  8. Suzie SELF: South wind at clear dawn.
  9. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: Looking forward.
  10. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: Once upon a mountain.

Friday, 30 March 2012

PLAYLIST 29-03-12

  1. Joan de la BARBARA: Tune trials and unachievable events.
  2. Amy BEACH: Rendez-vous, op.120.
  3. Amy BEACH: Romance, Op.23.
  4. Amy BEACH: Trio in A Minor, op.150 (3 mvts)
  5. Amy BEACH: Piano Quintet in F sharp, op.67 (3 mvts)
  6. Pauline OLIVEROS: Tis great fool stage.
  7. Galina UTVOLSKAYA: trio,sonata for violin , piano, octet
  8. GRAND MAL (Anne Wellmer, Stefie Buttrich and Justin Bennet ): Perfect fit: Ja! (U nsound)
  9. Annie GOSFIELD: Broolyn, oct 5,1941.
  10. Ruth CRAWFORD-SEEGER: Suite No2 for piano and strings : legierro.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Links about our Annie Gosfield interview

PLAYLIST 22-03-12

  1. Pauline OLIVEROS: Lion eye's tale.
  2. Delia DERBYSHIRE: Dr Who theme.
  3. Annea LOCKWOOD: Floating world, part 1 
  4. Annea LOCKWOOD: Floating world, part 2
  5. Annea LOCKWOOD: Floating world, part 3 
  6. Danielle BAAS: Chopin1820-2010
  7. Jean HASSE: KINKH, moment 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

PLAYLIST 15-03-12

  1. Sonja GROSSNER: "Dawn and twighlight song" for flute solo.
  2. Doina ROTARU: Flute concerto No1.
  3. Eleanor ALBERGA: "Dancing with the shadow" Duo.
  4. Eleanor ALBERGA: "Dancing with the shadow" Quintet.
  5. Orie SATO: Drei kleine lieder.
  6. Orie SATO: Rondon.
  7. Daria BAIOCCHI: Ombre.
  8. Pauline OLIVEROS:  Lear on the road. 
  9. Cecilia ARDITTO: Musica invisible.
  10. Elena KATS HARRIS: Velvet revolution for horn trio.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

PLAYLIST 25-02-12

  1. Claire Fitch, Celocity: Dark surface.
  2. Pauline Oliveros and Miya MASAOKA: Twighlight-Bashou "Ringing of the bell".
  3. Karen TANAKA: Lavender field.
  4. Mari KIMURA: Bucknerian for voice, violin and computer.
  5. Yumiko TANAKA: Romantic song.
  6. Orie SATO: Mara.
  7. Satoko Fujii: Okesa-yanasado.
Some websites:

Friday, 17 February 2012

PLAYLIST 16-02-12

  1. Tsippi FLEISCHER: Ancient love.
  2. Sharon HERSHEY: Arrivals for soprano, Black square.
  3. Sharon HERSHEY: Arrivals for soprano, Wheatfields and aloneness.
  4. Ingrid SCHMOLINER and Elena KAKALIAYOU: Well then.
  5. Ingrid SCHMOLINER and Xu FENGXIA: Written in the sand.
  6. Pia PALME: Blau/Hamakig.
  7. Orie SATO: Messingherz.
Poem of Hershey's lieder by Adrienne Rich "From an old house in America"

Saturday, 11 February 2012

PLAYLIST 09-02-12

  1. Natasha BARETT: Little animals.
  2. Errolyn WALLEN: Louis Loops.
  3. Kaffe MATTHEWS: CD Cecile, contact C, pt1.
  4. Kaffe MATTHEWS: Contact C, pt 2.
  5. Kaffe MATTHEWS: Contact C, pt3.
  6. Michiru OSHIMA: For the East III, Festival.
  7. Sumire YOSHIHARA: In the Dream.
  8. Mari KIMURA: Virtessimo for augmented violin.
  9. Mari KIMURA: Izqierda y Derecha.
  10. Elisabeth LUTYENS: Chamber concerto no1, op.8, (in 4 movements)
  11. Rachel PORTMAN: Party preparation (O.S.T. Chocolat)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

PLAYLIST 02-02-12

  1. Lona KOZIK: Beat for Moog synthetiser
  2. Lona KOZIK: Fenlands
  3. Jacquie RUTTEN: Prayer for Jatiteken
  4. Rosemary DUXBURRY: Apres
  5. Natasha BARRETT: Exploratio Invisibilis
  6. Jurate Baltramiejunaite: Our time, tr4
  7. Yi-Cheng CHIANG: Oral Swing-episode1
  8. Meredith MONK: Shadow song
  9. Meredith MONK: Astronaut Anthem
  10. Mari KIMURA: 6 caprices
  11. Mari KIMURA: Two Clos
  12. Keri DEGG: Myriads

PLAYLIST 02-02-12

  1. Lona KOZIK: Beat for Moog synthetiser
  2. Lona KOZIK: Fenlands
  3. Jacquie RUTTEN: Prayer for Jatiteken
  4. Rosemary DUXBURRY: Apres
  5. Natasha BARRETT: Exploratio Invisibilis
  6. Jurate Baltramiejunaite: Our time, tr4
  7. Yi-Cheng CHIANG: Oral Swing-episode1
  8. Meredith MONK: Shadow song
  9. Meredith MONK: Astronaut Anthem
  10. Mari KIMURA: 6 caprices
  11. Mari KIMURA: Two Clos
  12. Keri DEGG: Myriads

Thursday, 26 January 2012

PLAYLIST 26-01-12

  1. Sonja GROSSNER: Within reflecting echos.
  2. Sonja GROSSNER: Street life.
  3. Sonja GROSSNER: Song of pan, 3d mvt.
  4. Keri DEGG: Lament.
  5. Keri DEGG: Fuerza Tranquille.
  6. Cheryl SHANTZ: Voices of Earth.
  7. Vroni HOLZMANN: Adele.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

playlist 19-01-12

  1. Chris LASTOVICKA: The end of Tyranny.
  2. Maria de ALVEAR: Vagina.
  3. Joan TOWER: Trio Cavany.
  4. Paula TRAVER-NAVARRO: Tombatosals.
  5. Pauline VIARDOT: Andromaque act IV, Je ne t' ai point aime.

Friday, 13 January 2012

PLAYLIST 12-01-12

  1. Hadas GOLDSCHMIDT-HALFON: Concerto for guitar and chamber orchestra. Moderato.
  2. Liz LANE: extract of Somewhere Unknown.
  3. Liz LANE: My Star.
  4. Ruth CRAWFORD-SEEGER: Suite for Wind instruments.Allegro. Lento. Allegro.
  5. Sarah BROWRING: The Black Sail.                                                                                      
  6. Maria de ALVEAR: En la mas grande dulzura-casi llorando.
  7. Paula TRAVER-NAVARRO: Tombatosals, from Tombatosals, Bufanuvols I, Arrancapins.
  8. Mistake: track overlap of Joan TOWER and Maria de ALVEAR. Both will feature next week in full versions.
  9. Sol REZZA: La existencia de la luz.
  10. Sarah HOPKINS: Kindred spirits.
  11. Kaja BJORNTVEDT: Travelling clock.
  12. Amelia CUNI with Alio Die: Aapaha.