Friday, 31 October 2014

sth about CRISAP sound gender feminism activism

PLAYLIST 30-10-14

  1. Yuki KAZIURA: Red Rose
  2. Noriko MATSUEDA: Silence
  3. Riga ISHIGE: Sparking
  4. Riga ISHIGE: Wish
  5. Miyuki ITO: The incarnation of thunder and wind for cello and live electronics
  6. Ikue MORI: Like a reflexion in the moon
  7. Ikue MORI: Musashi plain moon
  8. Ikue MORI: A Buddhist monk receives cassia seeds on a moonlit night
  9. Ikue MORI: Hive
  10. Les lappetites: Aikokuka
  11. Miya MASOAKA: Part4 of When I was walking I heard a sound
  12. Kaija SAARIAHO: 6 poemsfrom the Japanese: the purity of the moonlight
  13. Rozalie HIRS: Article0 Transarctic Buddha
  14. Kauko  HARA: Aria
  15. Orie SATO: Diagonal Assisi
  16. Brigitte ALSTED:  Haiku Warme: Dens Liv
  17. Maari TAKANO: Mugen no Tsuki Mugen no Hoshi; Mugen no tsuki
  18. Mari KIMURA: Bucknnerian for voice, violin and computer
  19. Mari KIMURA: Gemini for solo violin
  20. Miya MASAOKA: On a 6-note row with Miya Masaoka
  21. Satoko FUJII: I know I don't know 
Presented by Ariane


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Playlist 16 October 2014

Sigrid Ernst: Miniature nach japanische Haiku 3
Amy Beach: The old chapel by moonlight po 106
Karen Tanaka: Crystaline
Virginia Aurora Scot: Karpestra dairies, As if nothing happened
Debbie Wiseman: Echoes of Camilla (from theme of Lesbian vampire killers)
Chen Yi: Tunes from my home II.Nostalgia
Cecile Chaminade: Automne op.35
Junko Mori: Imagery
Rebecca Oswald: Dancing with unseen friends
Canary Burton: Costa Brava
Cecile Chaminade: L'ondine
Missy Mazzoli: Magic of everyday objects
Canary Burton: Sno imp
Courtney Bryan: Wade in the water
Tania Leon: Ritual
Phyllis Chen: Milliampere
Sophia Gubaidulina: Musical toys II magic roundabout
                                                             VI song of the fisherman
                                                            VII The little tit
                                                             Forest musicians

Friday, 3 October 2014

Playlist 26 September 2014

"River Fantasy"
"Loss Songs" (1: sheep in Fog 2: Loss 3: Pyre 4: Amabile 5: Revisions 6: Looking at Your Face That Could Assuage Us 7: It Is the Living 8: If there is an Angel)
"Second Sonata for Piano" (4 movements: Tragico; gioioso; Meditativo; Con Brio)
MARIAN J ZIFFRIN: "Sonata for Piano": 1. Leisurely; 2. Slowly and gently; 3. Presto.
"Dark Dreams"
"Always Almost"
RAMI LEVIN: "Passages"
JULIANA HALL: "Letters to Edna: to Harriet Monroe."
JUDITH CLOUD: "I do not Love You as if You Were Salt rose, or Topaz"

Presented by Ariane and Sophie.

Playlist 19 September 2014

Calliope Tsoupaki - Medea
Doina Rotaru - Concerto for Saxophone(s)
Sofia Gubaidulina - De Profundis
Dobrinka Tabakova - Such Different Paths
Sophie Hutchings - The Near Side
Pauline Oliveros - Lear on the Road

Allison Cameron - A Blank Sheet of Metal

Presented by Sophie.