Thursday, 31 July 2014

Playlist 31 July 2014

ANNEA LOCKWOOD birthday special (she turned 75 on Tuesday):

"The Glass World" (all 23 parts)
"Ear-Walking Woman"
"Floating World (part 2)"

KHOSROVIDUKHT (aka Xosroviduxt): "Zarmanali e Ints (Wondrous It Is To Me)"
ANNIE GOSFIELD: "The Harmony of the Body-Machine"

Annea Lockwood

Presented by Sophie.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

24th July playlist

1. Les lapettites: Kuchen keiki cake
2. Les lappetites: Funeral
3. Anna KORSUN: Undersurface
4. Pauline OLIVEROS: Nike
5. Kaija SAARIAHO: Vent nocturne II
6. Anne LEBARON: Solar music
7. Kui DONG: Three voices
8. Jane Ira BLOOM: How deep is the ocean
9. Jane Ira BLOOM: Time after time
10. Jane Ira BLOOM: Blue universe
11. Les lapettites: Aikokuka
12. Phyllis CHEN: the little things
13. Sophia GUBAIDULINA: Musical toy IX: the woodpecker
14. Anne BOYD: Market gardens and musician
15. Barbarra SROZZI: Lagrime mie
16. Barbarra SROZZI: Fin che tu spiri
17. Barbarra SROZZI: tradimento
Presented by Ariane.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Playlist 17 July 2014

Gloria COATES - Holographic Universe (parts 1-3)
Maja RATKJE - Insomnia
Gillian WHITEHEAD - Hineputehue
Allison CAMERON - The Chamber of Statues
Helen MONEY - Arriving Angels
Sophie HUTCHINGS - Half Hidden
Christina KUBISCH - Night Flights
Pinar KOKSAL - Kalbin Askla Carpiyorsa
Dobrinka TABAKOVA - Frozen River Flows
Lucia RONCHETTI - Le Sommeil
Okkyung LEE - Hollow Water
Meredith Monk - Conversation

Presented by Sophie.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Playlist 10 July 2014

Allison CAMERON "Runa"
Gloria COATES "Lunar Loops"
Eve DE CASTRO-ROBINSON "Releasing the Angel"
Doina ROTARU "Concerto for Saxophone(s)"
Sophie HUTCHINGS "Last Quarter"
Pinar KOKSAL "Cosku"
Pauline OLIVEROS "A Woman Sees How the World Goes With No Eyes"
Dobrinka TABAKOVA "Insight"
Ikue MORI and Maja RATKJE "Searching For"
Meredith MONK "Free"
Christina VANTZOU "Anna Mae"
Jennifer HIGDON "Splendid Wood"
Helen MONEY "Runout"

Presented by Sophie.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

PLAYLIST 03-07-14

Part 1
LIVE: Lucinda , Sophie and guest  LALE RODGARKIA-DARA 
1. Missy Mazzoli: Magic with everyday objects
2. Cecile Chaminade: Les Reves
3. Liza Lim: The roots of the world are entwined in the wind
4. Live improvisation and interview from Lale Rodgarkia Dara

Lale Rodgarkia-Dara

Part 2 


INTERVIEW Winifred PHILLIPS by Ariane Delaunois
Game music composed by Winifred PHILLIPS
1. Assassin's creed III : Liberation - Liberation main theme
2. Legend of the guardians :  The owls of Ga'Hoole - Wild fire
3. Sims animals - Free play
4. Sims animals - Quality time
5. Sims animals - Castle ridge
6. Spore hero - Spore zone
7. Spore hero - Creepy thing
8. Spore hero - Castle ridge
9. Assassin's creed III : Liberation - Secrets of Bayou
10. Assassin's creed III : Liberation - The cathedral Grounds
11. Super Mario : Go Mario!-Super Mario BrothersPart2


12. Jessica CURRY : Clockwork Soul (Game  Amnesia : a machine for pigs)
13. Jessica CURRY : These hands are bleeding (Game  Amnesia : a machine for pigs)
14. Dorothea MADER : Pas de deux
15. Tina TERNEs : Windspiel
16. Hollis TAYLOR : Fast forward
17. Hildur GUDNADOTTIR: Irridescence

 presented by Ariane

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