Thursday, 16 April 2015

Playlist2 April

1. Joanne Brackeen: Guessing game
2. Joanne Brackeen: Breath of Brazil
3. Joanne Brackeen: Brasiliero Escondido
4. The Peggy Lee Band: Shiftung tide
5. Katherine Norman: Squeaky leak
6. Ej Dobson: Man on the corner
7. Kim Hedas: Princess bat with underground stars
8. Pauline Oliveros with Andrew Deutsch: Birds 
9. Pauline Oliveros with Andrew Deutsch: Water Birds
10. Pauline Oliveros: from Scripture of the Lotus Blossom of the Fine Dharma
11. Orie sato: o.p.m. for flute& mandolin
12.Jane O'leary: Soundshapes, mvt I to IV 

13. Karin Rehnqvist:Radda mig ur dyn (Rescue me from Sinking in the Mire): Rädda mig ur dyn
14. Ruth Anderson: SUM (State of The Union Message)
15. Joan la barbara: urban topic
16. Chantal Dumas Documents de surface 05, 06, 04

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


1. Vitezslava Kapralova: Piano Concerto in D Minor, op. 7 - Allegro entusiastico
2. Linda Bouchard: Elan
3. Linda Bouchard: Swift silver ( Vivienne Spiteri & Sharlene Wallace)
4. Bruce Mather: Sancerre ( Vivienne Spiteri & Sharlene Wallace)
5. Kirk Elliott: Insect Variations, My Life As a Bug ( Vivienne Spiteri & Sharlene Wallace)
6. Elfrida Andree: Organ Symphony No. 1 in B Minor: I. Moderato
7. Anna Amalia, Princess of Prussia: Sonata for Oboe and Organ in F Major: I. Adagio
8. Anna Amalia, Princess of Prussia: Sonata for Oboe and Organ in F Major: II. Allegretto
9. Anna Amalia, Princess of Prussia:Sonata for Oboe and Organ in F Major: III. Allegro ma non troppo
10. Alice Tegner: Violin Sonata in A Minor: II. Menuetto 
11. Caroline Boissier-Butini:Divertissement avec rondo à la polacca pour piano, clarinette et basson:
     II. Rondo tempo di polacca
12. Caroline Boissier-Butini: Piano Sonata No. 1: III. Rondo agitato
13. Rebecca Oswald : While Trying To Get Used To Your Absence
14. Elfrida Andree: Sonate I°
15. Elfrida Andree: Sonata, Op. 3: II. Andante
16. Canary Burton:Piano Music from cape cod tr 5
17. Chia-Yu Hsu: Among Gardens
18. Jennifer Higdon: Wissahickon PoeTrees: Clocking Through

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

2 FEMALE MUSIC FESTIVAL ( Berlin, Venice/Monza and more)


International Feminist art music festival in Berlin 2015:

The D Major International Music Festival 2015 
In addition to our two concerts in May (Italy and Romania), which have been full for a long time, I have scheduled another one-day festival event on September 10 in the Venice area (Italy). The conditions are similar to those of our fast-approaching May 4 concert in Monza.

I have also been offered a concert on June 6 with one of Bulgaria's best orchestras. It is about as expensive as the concerts in Italy. However, this particular offer includes free video-recording and local transportation. If enough people are interested in this concert, please, email me at once.

If anyone of you will be attending the international Auto Expo in Monza, Italy, this may, do come to hear our concert on May 4! I'll soon have more details about the location and time of the concert.
Dr. Vivian Conejero

California State University, Stanislaus School of the Arts Third Hildegard Festival of Women in the Arts, March 26-29, 2015 Festival Schedule