Friday, 13 July 2012


We are now on holiday until September, HAVE A NICE SUMMER!

PLAYLIST 12-07-12

  1. Annie GOSFIELD: Lightning slingers & Dead ringers, Machine like but with some groove.
  2. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Breaking news.
  3. Margaret NOBLE: Sparkling.
  4. Margaret NOBLE: Sparkling.
  5. Grainne MULVEY: Two reflections, the sea and the tower.
  6. Grainne MULVEY: Two reflections, the light.
  7. Grainne MULVEY: Sonic studies: 1. Wood   2.Clay
  8. Elisabeth HINKEL-TURNER: Saliva. (Frog peak project) 
  9. Lulu ONG: No enough coffee.  (Frog peak project)
  10. Monique BUZZARTE& Ellen FULLMAN: Fluctuation N03.
  11. Jean Y FOO: Voyage upwards, string quartet N01,  3d movement.
  12. Virginia AURORA-SCOTT: Escape to the edge.
  13. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Whisper studies.
  14. Linda LONG: Absorband balance: Thyrotropin.                                                                                                           

PLAYLIST 05-07-12

SORRY! WE HAD STREAMING PROBLEMS on this show. It happened mid-way so no internet broadcast was available, only Fm locally.

  1. Emma Lou DIEMER: Encore.
  2. Vroni HOLZMANN: 1st day of the century.
  3. Sharon SULLIVAN: Sahara.
  4. Sarah BROWNING: Haiku n03
  5. Sarah BROWNING: Golden circle.
  6. Grainne MULVEY: Akanos.
  7. Grainne MULVEY: Horizons fanfare.
  8. Grainne MULVEY: Scorched earth.
  9. Sophie WILDER interview