Thursday, 23 July 2015

Playlist 23-7

Repeat of previous show  (?)

pre-rec for August: Playlist DREAM

PLAYLIST on the theme of  "DREAM"
Presented by Ariane Delaunois

  1. Elodie Lauten: Dream Wave
  2. Ione and Oliveros: Edge of Dream
  3. Pamela Z: Ethel Dreams of Temporal Distubances 
  4. Cecile Chaminade : Les reves
  5. Augusta Holmes : Reverie Tzigane
  6. Gila Carcas: Indigo dream
  7. Peggy Lee: Horse's Dream
  8. Meredith Monk: Turtle Dreams
  9. Satoko Fujii: Der Traum
  10. Margaret Bonds: 3 Dream portraits : Dream variation
  11. Myra Melford: Love in Dreamtime
  12. Rain Worthington: Tracing a dream
  13. Keiko Abe: Dream of the Cherry Blossoms
  14. Sheila Silver: To the spirit unconquered II. As in a dream
  15. Jennifer Higdon: Wissahickon PoeTrees: Clocking Through
  16. Gabriella Lena Frank: Sueños de Chambi: II. Diablicos Puneños
  17. Laurie Anderson: Someone else 's dream
  18. Jane Beat: Dreamscapes
  19. Joana La Barbara:  "Berliner Träume / Berlin Dreaming" 

Pre-rec for August: Playlist LISTENING

Playlist on the theme of "LISTENING" presented by Ariane Delaunois

  1. Evelyn Glennie: Sorbet No 5 Wood and Chimes
  2. Ximena Alercon: Volonta-GareAust
  3. Pauline Oliveros & Andrew Deutsch: Birds
  4. Marina Rosenfeld: New York/ Empire State Of...
  5. Ai Yamamoto (with Lawrence English): Longing
  6. Miyuki Ito: The Fire of the Within for Satsuma-biwa and Live Electronics of "In a State of             Flux..." 
  7. Sarah Hopkins: Songs of the wind
  8. Ellen Fullman: Fluctuation 6
  9. Annea Lockwood: Ground of Being
  10. Hildur Gudnadottir: Elevation
  11. Gloria Coates: Still
  12. Amy Beach: The Old Chapel by Moonlight. Opus 106
  13. Hildegard Westerkamp: Radio that Listens *{Beginning of 28 min}                                             

Evelyn Glennie talking about sounds and new instruments   
on BBC : evelyn glennie

PLAYLIST 30-07-15

1. Marina Rosenfeld: Liverpool/...'round Downtown by Myself/ Tick Tock
2.  Marina Rosenfeld: Hard Love
3. Gabriela Lena Frank: Ritmos Anchinos: I. Harawi para Colquipocro
4. Vanessa Rossetto: Myself with Water
5. Ikue Mori: Ephemeroptera
6. Marina Rosenfelt: " Hey Girls (It's Not an Issue for You...)" [Teenage Lontano 3]
7. Ji-Yun Lee: Colour variation I
8. Sofia Marita: Swinging for Ari
9. Sonja Grossner: 3 Fügen for piano
10.Maria Agata Szymanowska: Etude No 9 in C Major
11. Gabriela Lena Frank: Adagio para amantani
12. Rebecca Oswald: My blue ocean, your eyes
13. Sophia Dussek: A french air with variation
14. Tekla Bardarzewska: La priere exhaussee
15. Errolyn Wallen: For Airi
16. Mary Jeanne Van Appleldorn: Ayre for string orchestra
17. Nadia Boulanger: L'echange
18. Nadia and Lili Boulanger: Vers la vie nouvelle
19. Amy Beach: Ectasy Opus 19/2
20. Delphine Mantoulet (with Valentin Dahmani) : La plage *{1+ repeat a part}
21. Hildegard von Bingen: Felices *{beginning}

Presented by Ariane Delaunois

PLAYLIST 16-07-2015

1. Sphaerae, Ruth Bakke
2. Thought Forms, Georgia Rodger
3. Ave Generosa, Hildegard von Bingen
4. Michal 06, Marilyn Herman
5. So it Falls, Ikue Mori
6. Invitation, Hannah Anbert
7. Fordommelse, Else Marie Pade
8. Bassoon Concerto, Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté
9. Splendid Wood, Jennifer Higdon
10.Voice, Maja Ratkje
11. Patchwork, Laurie Spiegel
12. Secret and Glass Gardens, Jennifer Higdon
13. Locklatar, Elin Lisslass

Presented by Lucinda Guy and Sophie Wilder

Thursday, 2 July 2015

PLAYLIST 02-07-15

Playlist Thursday 2-7-15

1.Helen Guy : Un Coup De Dés
2.Mary Howe: Goethe Lieder - 4. Ich Denke Dein
3. Mary Howe: Goethe Lieder - 5. Die Jahre
4. Juliana Hall, Amy Lowell and Carl Sandburg: Theme in Yellow: Ripe Corn
5. Sonja Grossner: Remembering Dresden
6. Yi Chen: 3 Bagatelles from China West: No. 3. Dou Duo
7. Annea Lockwood: Ear-Walking Woman
8. Hildur Gudnadottir: Leyfðu Ljósinu
9. Sarah Peebles: Listen to the Sound of the Sun Sinking Into the Lake 
10. Marina Rosenfeld: Beginnermonster
11. Michiko Shimanuki: Dead_Still_for_piano
12. Jennifer Fowler: Echoes from an Antique Land
13. Renata Rosa: Imbarabaô

Show Presented by Ariane Delaunois