Saturday, 19 March 2016

Playlist 17-03-2016

 Playlist 17-3-16

#Chapter 1 :
  Interview of Joanne White, sound artist and researcher. 
  Joanne White 1/1. Project White Cube:  Mobile1, 4 levels of altitudes
#Chapter 2 : Maryanne Amacher 2/1.Teo Part2 Heralds
                                              2/2. Synaptic island
                                              2/3. Dense Boogie1
#Chapter3: Sound pioneer: 3/1. Elianne Radigue: Jetsun part1
                                      3/2: Pauline Oliveros: V of IV
                                      3/3 Hildegard Westerkamp: New year's eve

Presented by Ariane Delaunois

I will also mention that the culture show "Arts Satellite" on soundartradio Thursdays 7 PM (gmt)features this week one hour about Ximena Alercon, sound artist and researcher at University London (CRISAP)


Composer on Fire Project

 A very interesting site, podcasts including many female composers!

Composer on Fire

"I started the Composer on Fire podcast and coaching to help composers achieve their goals and thrive in the art of composing. The podcasts do this through interviews with composers, performers, and creatives. The interviews are masterclasses on building a career in composition and achieving success as a composer. Each interview is unique and highlights just one of the many paths a career in composition can take. My goal is to help composers become the composers they have always dreamed of being. Through coaching I can provide individualized help for composers so they can see the success they’ve always dreamed of." Garrett Hope

Playlist 10-3-16

Playlist 10-3-16
1. Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre: Sonate 1 : Aria
2. Anna Bon di Venezia : Sonate fuer Floete und basso continuo No 6  in G Major op.1: Adagio
3. Elfrida Andree: Sonate 1
4. Ruth Schontal: Sonate breve
5. Gloria Coates: Tones in overtones 1.Prime
6. Unsuk Chin: Piano etude No 6 Grains
7. Yoko Kurimoto: Windows
8. Suzanne Farrin: This is a long story she began
9. Karen Tanaka: Water& stone
10. Gloria Coates: The silver eyed soul
11. Phillis Tate: Triptych I. Prelude Allegratta pracevole e semplice
12. Gloria Coates: Per chance to dream II. Wer sich der Einseimkeit ergibt
13. Kui Dong: Broken Moon
14. Kui Dong; Magician & traveller: ensemble
15. Seung-Ah Oh: So-Ri I
16. Myra Melford: Your face arrives in the Redbud trees
17. Karen Tanaka: Silent Ocean:1 Far away, gently
18. Jacqueline Fontyn : l'anneau de Jade
Presented by Ariane Delaunois