Friday, 12 October 2012

PLAYLIST 11-10-12

  1. Lisa MEARS: Crystal rain from Oriental skies.
  2. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: Tiny adjustments in my head.
  3. Hildur GUDNADOTTIR: Aether.
  4. Natasha BARRETT: Mobilis in Mobil.
  5. Lisa GERRARD: Space Weaver.
  6. Lisa GERRARD; Pai's theme. Music for Whale Rider.
  7. Michiru OSHIMA, for Ravel Quartet: For the East III.Festival.
  8. Noriko MATSUEDA: The thunder plains. Music for Final Fantasy.
  9. Delphine MANTOULET: Horloge. Music for Indignados.
  10. Delphine MANTOULET: Paris canette. Music for Indignados.
  11. Delphine MANTOULET: Bouteille. Music for Exils.
  12. Anne FIDJAL: Errance. Music for Histoire d'un conflit.
  13. Susan CANNON: Off the rails.
  14. Susan CANNON: Spryte.
  15. Susan CANNON:Thin ice.

Lisa Gerrard, Michiru Oshima, Noriko Matsueda, Delphine Mantoulet, Anne Fidjal.

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