Friday, 18 January 2013

PLAYLIST 17-01-13

  1. Sonja GROSSNER: The course of Sun and Moon. For sound sculptures and 2 singers.
  2. Alice SHIELDS: Transformation of Ani.
  3. Victoria JORDANA: Requiem for Bosnia (Excerpt).
  4. Annie GOSFIELD: Don't bite the hand that feeds back.
  5. Lona KOZIK: Wild blue.
  6. Elodie LAUTEN: SOS W.T.C. Track5.
  7. Elodie LAUTEN: Sparkling spirals.
  8. Elodie LAUTEN: Chanting spirals.
  9. Elodie LAUTEN: Spiralling pianos.
  10. Pauline OLIVEROS: The tuning meditation.
  11. Carla BOZULICH: Running dry (Requiem for the rockets).
  12. Laurie ANDERSON: The end of the world.
  13. Elisabeth BROWN: Isle Royale Shakuhachi Duets: Loons.

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