Friday, 22 February 2013

PLAYLIST 21-02-13

  1. Jennifer HIGDON: Voices- Blitz.
  2. Jennifer HIGDON: Voices- Soft embracing.
  3. Jennifer HIGDON: Voices- Grace.
  4. Miya MASAOKA: While I was walking I heard the sound...part 4.
  5. Sofia GUBAIDULINA: Et Expecto III.
  6. Sofia GUBAIDULINA: Musical toys: Forest Musicians.
  7. Amy BEACH: Mama's waltz.
  8. Amy BEACH: Romanza.
  9. Amy BEACH: A hermit thrush at Eve, opus 92.
  10. Amy BEACH: The Old Chapel by moonlight. Opus 106.
  11. Cecil TAYLOR: Tales (8 whips) excerpt.
  12. Helena GOUGH: Grau.
  13. Marina ROSENFELD: Formal arrangement.
  14. Anne James CHATON and Andi Moor:Princess in a mercedes classe S280.
  15. SRI (Sri Sulastri):
  16. Lydia AYERS: Virtual Gamelan, Pendopos.
  17. Stevie Jo DOOLEY: Brain wave.
  18. Elodie LAUTEN: Spiralling clocks.

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