Friday, 8 March 2013

PLAYLIST 07-03-13

  1. Dorothy DYWANSKA: The faith of flowers, part 1&2.
  2. Lili & Nadia BOULANGER: Vers la vie nouvelle.
  3. Lili BOULANGER: D'un matin de printemps.
  4. Johana BEYER: Clarinette suite No2 in flat B Major.
  5. Johanna BEYER: Music of the shperes, for electronic instruments and triangle.
  6. Pauline OLIVEROS: Mnemonics III.
  7. Maryanne AMACHER: Sound character vl 2, Part2 Heralds.
  8. Annea LOCKWOOD: World rhythm.
  9. Lydia AYERS: Theme & Impro.
  10. Karen TANAKA: Crystalline.
  11. Gloria COATES: Protestation quartet.
American Mavericks was a radio and internet series produced by American Public Media in association with the San Francisco Symphony and Michael Tilson Thomas, presented by Suzan VEGA. The program featured iconoclastic, American tradition-breaking composers. Many females: PamelaZ, Alison Knowles, Annie Gosfield, Wendy Carlos, Lucia Dlugoszewski, Eleanor Hovda, Wendy Mae Chambers, Meredith Monk, Mary Ellen Childs, Chen Yi.
Here are links to available written interviews:

 Interview of Pauline Oliveros
 Hovda talks about Lucia DLUGOSZEWSKI
 Interviews of Annie Gosfield
 Interview of Wendy Carlos

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