Monday, 25 November 2013

PLAYLIST 21-11-13

  1. Sonja GROSSNER: Legacy
  2. Satoko FUJII: Tremble
  3. Jana WINDEREN: Heated PL5
  4. Signe LIDEN: Load
  5. Hildur GUONADOTTIR: Irridescence
  6. Sonja GROSSNER: War+Peace
  7. Fanny MENDELSOHNN: String quartet in E flat major
  8. Sonja GROSSNER: String quartet
  9. Louise K WILSON: Black Beacon receiver mix
  10. Louise K WILSON: Come, sable night (sampled) (ward)
  11. Louise K WILSON: U amplified choir , sine oscillator (kyriakides)

Live show presented by Lucinda and Ariane

Did you know the IAMW has an amazing newsletter featuring all radios broadcasting female music (incl. Hildegard to Hildegard on Soundart radio)?
We had an amazing conference about female in radio on the 13th November and Sound art radio was 7 years old! CHEERS!

Soundart Radio: from the local to the global and back again.

Soundart Radio seeks to depart from formulaic radio broadcasting fostering experimental approaches for communication and art. The results are community generated radio works and programmes formed through exploration by people from the area and beyond, presented on a platform able to project work across the globe. (Quote from website)

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