Thursday, 19 December 2013

Proms survey


I am always shocked to find no women in most so Titled
 "20th century British composers anthology" or "BBC Proms collection"
 CD's with no women represented at all, you'd think female composers don't exist? You'd be mistaken, there are amazing talents that need light (not because they are simply women but because their work is on the same level as men's).
What is going on with the UK Proms, biggest music festival in the world? 

Jennifer Fowler has compile statistics, check the Women in music website for more!

Here is a quote:

The figures for women in the 2013 Proms season are:
Composers:7/130 (5.4%)[Last year was 9.2%]
Living composers:5/31 (16%)[Last year was 25%]
BBC Commissions:4/17 (23%)[Last year was 45%]
Conductors:4/57 (7%)[Last year was 8.6%]
Instrumental soloists:15/50 (30%)[Last year was 17.7%]

NB is not , the mistake is easily done.

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