Thursday, 23 January 2014

PLAYLIST 23-1-14

Sorry for the inconvenience, Ariane's show can't be broadcasted for technical reasons.
This week was a re-broadcast of last week's Sophie's show:
  1. Annea Lockwood "Tiger Balm"; 
  2. Else Marie Pade "Fordommelse";
  3. Okkyung Lee "Wind Fall"; 
  4. Ruth Anderson "Points";
  5. Maja Ratkje "Voice";
  6. Alison Doyle "Grouse Mountain"; 
  7. Beatriz Ferreyra "Demures Aquatiques";
  8. Laurie Spiegel "The Orient Express";
  9. Ruth Bakke "Sphaerae".

= presented by Sophie Wilder

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