Friday, 23 May 2014

PLAYLIST 22-05-14

  1. Hildegard von BINGEN: O Felices Radices
  2. Graine MULVEY: Shifting colours
  3. Michiko SHIMANUKI: Bicycle thief
  4. Michiko SHIMANUKI: Prelude (piano solo)
  5. Peggy LEE trio: Sound from the big house
  6. Joan BRACKEEN: Flora
  7. Kerri POWELS: Ocean waves
  8. Mary MAGEAU: Triple concerto
  9. Paula TRAVER-NAVARRO: Hades lacrimosae
  10. Kaff MATTHEWS: Long thin room
  11. Gloria COATES: Still
  12. Anna KORSUN: "Wehmut" and it is for  5 voices, violin, double bass, prepared piano and sound objects
  13. Signe  LIDEN: Load
  14. Isabella LEONARDA: Sonata duo decima Op.16
Presented by Ariane Delaunois

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