Thursday, 19 June 2014

PLAYLIST 19-06-14

1) Rachel MILLER, Baba Yaga
2) Ester MAGI, Bukoolika
3) Nancy VAN DER VATE, Diversion for brass
4) Hildegard VON BINGEN, O Presul Vere Civitatis
5) Hildegard WESTERKAMP, Breathing Room
6)Sonja GROSSNER, Course of Sun and Moon
7)Judith CLOUD, The lake has swallowed the whole sky 
8)Virginia Aurora SCOTT, Pink Sky, Suilven
9) Miyuki ITO, Double shadows for Sho and live electronics
10)Galina USTVOLSKAYA, Symphony No. 4, Prayer
11)Ruth CRAWFORD SEEGER, Five preludes for piano
12) Imogen HOLST, Three psalms
13) Gloria COATES, the silver eyed soul
14) Carol ROBINSON, Velvet Shoes
15) Ester MAGI, Variations for piano, clarinet and chamber orchestra

Presented by Lucinda Guy

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