Sunday, 20 July 2014

24th July playlist

1. Les lapettites: Kuchen keiki cake
2. Les lappetites: Funeral
3. Anna KORSUN: Undersurface
4. Pauline OLIVEROS: Nike
5. Kaija SAARIAHO: Vent nocturne II
6. Anne LEBARON: Solar music
7. Kui DONG: Three voices
8. Jane Ira BLOOM: How deep is the ocean
9. Jane Ira BLOOM: Time after time
10. Jane Ira BLOOM: Blue universe
11. Les lapettites: Aikokuka
12. Phyllis CHEN: the little things
13. Sophia GUBAIDULINA: Musical toy IX: the woodpecker
14. Anne BOYD: Market gardens and musician
15. Barbarra SROZZI: Lagrime mie
16. Barbarra SROZZI: Fin che tu spiri
17. Barbarra SROZZI: tradimento
Presented by Ariane.

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