Thursday, 14 August 2014

Playlist 14 August 2014

(a repeat of 13 February due to a technical fault)

1. Vivienne OLIVE: The blacksmith (All 6 Movements: Prelude, Alman, Courrante,                                                                                              Sarabande, Jig, Postlude, Folksong)
2. Courtney BRYAN: Wade in water
3. Florence PRICE: Dances with the canebrakes: Numble feet
4. Margaret BONDS: 3 dream portraits: Dream variation
5. Tania LEON: Imura: teaching
6. Sylvie COURVOISIER: 12
7. Mari TAKANO: Mugen no tsuki, mugen no hashi, mugen no tsuki
8. Mari TAKANO: Women paradise IV: L'abandon
9. Mari TAKANO: Women paradise II: Sexuality
10. Meredith MONK (feat. Pamela Z): Scared song
11. Miyuki ITO: The fire of the within for Satsuma-biwa and live electronics of "in the state of flux"
12. Kui DONG: Crossing (Movement I & II)
13. Kui DONG: Pangu song
14. Marcia GARCIA- RENART: 2d mvt of 3 movementos: Momento de reposo
15. Makiko KINOSHITA: Seagulls for mixed chorus & orchestra
16: Anna KORSUN: Isostasie for quintet

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