Friday, 10 May 2013

PLAYLIST 09-05-13

  1. Susie SELF: So you think you've got an attitude
  2. Chris LASTOVICKA: The end of tyranny
  3. Anne HENDERSON: Skyscape
  4. Graine MULVEY: Soundscape III
  5. Liz LANE: Through the time conceals much
  6. Sonja GROSSNER: Lost world
  7. Vroni HOLZMANN: Petito
  8. Rosemary DUXBURRY: Passage (3d part)
  9. Rebecca OSWALD: Clever plans (from Heroes of the time of the 3 kings game)
  10. Nailah NOMBEKO: Obscurity
  11. Mari KIMURA: Subharmonic partita
  12. Mari KIMURA: Vitessimo for augmented violin
  13. Orie SATO: 3 klein lieder
  14. Rosanne LEVINE: Town meeting

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