Wednesday, 3 December 2014

PLAYLIST 20-11-14

  1. Michiko Shimanuki: The dream and the pendulum converted
  2. Anna Korsun: Landscape for 5 voices
  3. Anna Korsun: undersurface
  4. Michiko Shimanuki: Prologue
  5. Michiko Shimanuki: Sarabande
  6. Michiko Shimanuki: Bicycle thief
  7. Kerry Powels: In the arm of an angel
  8. Hilary Tann: A girl 's song
  9. Karolina Eriksdottir: Ein konars rondo
  10. Canary Burton: Early in the morning
  11. Canary Burton: clara young
  12. Canary Burton: american lulaby
  13. Sri Sulastri: cosmic red lips
  14. Sri Sulastri: ring my bella
  15. Lois V Vierk: Gary trop clair
  16. Laurie Spiegel: The Hollows
  17. Ellen Fullman: Backwards bunny hop
  18. Sarah Peebles: Where all the wild things went
Presented by Ariane

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