Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Playlist 4-12-14

  1. Jane O'leary: Piano quintet
  2. Eve Beglarian: I will not be sad in this world
  3. Sally Beamish: Kyle song
  4. Julian Hall: Sonnet, from Night dances
  5. Tania Leon: Inura, teaching
  6. Miyiki Ito: Reminiscence d'un ancien esprit pour soprano, petite percussion et electronique
  7. Jocelyn Robert: Prld a "Des dieux en conserves"
  8. Carin Malmlof-Forssling: Orrizzonte for solo horn
  9. Cecile Chaminade: Pierrette op.41 for violin solo
  10. Grazyna Bacewicz: Sonata No2
  11. Sofia Gubaidulina: Light and darkness
  12. Christina Kubisch: Ocigam Trazom
  13. Dorothy Hogben: The shawl
  14. Natasha Barrett: Racing through , racing unseen
  15. Maria Chavez: Jebus
  16. Laurie Spiegel: The Hollows
  17. Evelyn Ficarra: Fractured marble
  18. Elizabeth Hoffman: Alchemy
Presented by Ariane

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