Thursday, 2 July 2015

PLAYLIST 02-07-15

Playlist Thursday 2-7-15

1.Helen Guy : Un Coup De Dés
2.Mary Howe: Goethe Lieder - 4. Ich Denke Dein
3. Mary Howe: Goethe Lieder - 5. Die Jahre
4. Juliana Hall, Amy Lowell and Carl Sandburg: Theme in Yellow: Ripe Corn
5. Sonja Grossner: Remembering Dresden
6. Yi Chen: 3 Bagatelles from China West: No. 3. Dou Duo
7. Annea Lockwood: Ear-Walking Woman
8. Hildur Gudnadottir: Leyfðu Ljósinu
9. Sarah Peebles: Listen to the Sound of the Sun Sinking Into the Lake 
10. Marina Rosenfeld: Beginnermonster
11. Michiko Shimanuki: Dead_Still_for_piano
12. Jennifer Fowler: Echoes from an Antique Land
13. Renata Rosa: Imbarabaô

Show Presented by Ariane Delaunois

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