Thursday, 23 July 2015

pre-rec for August: Playlist DREAM

PLAYLIST on the theme of  "DREAM"
Presented by Ariane Delaunois

  1. Elodie Lauten: Dream Wave
  2. Ione and Oliveros: Edge of Dream
  3. Pamela Z: Ethel Dreams of Temporal Distubances 
  4. Cecile Chaminade : Les reves
  5. Augusta Holmes : Reverie Tzigane
  6. Gila Carcas: Indigo dream
  7. Peggy Lee: Horse's Dream
  8. Meredith Monk: Turtle Dreams
  9. Satoko Fujii: Der Traum
  10. Margaret Bonds: 3 Dream portraits : Dream variation
  11. Myra Melford: Love in Dreamtime
  12. Rain Worthington: Tracing a dream
  13. Keiko Abe: Dream of the Cherry Blossoms
  14. Sheila Silver: To the spirit unconquered II. As in a dream
  15. Jennifer Higdon: Wissahickon PoeTrees: Clocking Through
  16. Gabriella Lena Frank: Sueños de Chambi: II. Diablicos Puneños
  17. Laurie Anderson: Someone else 's dream
  18. Jane Beat: Dreamscapes
  19. Joana La Barbara:  "Berliner Träume / Berlin Dreaming" 

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