Saturday, 19 March 2016

Playlist 10-3-16

Playlist 10-3-16
1. Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre: Sonate 1 : Aria
2. Anna Bon di Venezia : Sonate fuer Floete und basso continuo No 6  in G Major op.1: Adagio
3. Elfrida Andree: Sonate 1
4. Ruth Schontal: Sonate breve
5. Gloria Coates: Tones in overtones 1.Prime
6. Unsuk Chin: Piano etude No 6 Grains
7. Yoko Kurimoto: Windows
8. Suzanne Farrin: This is a long story she began
9. Karen Tanaka: Water& stone
10. Gloria Coates: The silver eyed soul
11. Phillis Tate: Triptych I. Prelude Allegratta pracevole e semplice
12. Gloria Coates: Per chance to dream II. Wer sich der Einseimkeit ergibt
13. Kui Dong: Broken Moon
14. Kui Dong; Magician & traveller: ensemble
15. Seung-Ah Oh: So-Ri I
16. Myra Melford: Your face arrives in the Redbud trees
17. Karen Tanaka: Silent Ocean:1 Far away, gently
18. Jacqueline Fontyn : l'anneau de Jade
Presented by Ariane Delaunois

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