Saturday, 19 March 2016

Playlist 17-03-2016

 Playlist 17-3-16

#Chapter 1 :
  Interview of Joanne White, sound artist and researcher. 
  Joanne White 1/1. Project White Cube:  Mobile1, 4 levels of altitudes
#Chapter 2 : Maryanne Amacher 2/1.Teo Part2 Heralds
                                              2/2. Synaptic island
                                              2/3. Dense Boogie1
#Chapter3: Sound pioneer: 3/1. Elianne Radigue: Jetsun part1
                                      3/2: Pauline Oliveros: V of IV
                                      3/3 Hildegard Westerkamp: New year's eve

Presented by Ariane Delaunois

I will also mention that the culture show "Arts Satellite" on soundartradio Thursdays 7 PM (gmt)features this week one hour about Ximena Alercon, sound artist and researcher at University London (CRISAP)


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