Friday, 20 May 2016


  1.  Maryanne Smart: Ice Blue
  2.  Svjetlana Bukvich: Over water over stone
  3.  Svjetlana Bukvich: Six letters
  4.  Svjetlana Bukvich: Before and after the Tekke
  5.  Adriana Figueroa Mañas: Dos
  6.  Adriana Figueroa Mañas: Latino America
  7.  Rebecca Faith: Lace
  8.  Rebecca Faith: Never to Forsake
  9.  Ana Krstajiic: Karavan naroda Tuarega, Tuareg people caravan
  10.  Carolyn Hove: Disquieted Souls
  11.  Mira Milosavljevic: Home Ludens
  12.  Margaret Brandman: Firestorm Symphony: I. Firestorm Threatening
  13.  Margaret Brandman: Firestorm Symphony: II. Now the Tears are Flowing
  14.  Margaret Brandman: Firestorm Symphony: III. All the Trees are Growing
  15.  Libby Larsen: Sorrow Song and Jubilee
  16.  Rain Worthington:Of Time Remembered
Presented by Ariane Delaunois (Show in 2 part, same composers next week)

 Thanks to Parma  ( who publish lots of female composers,
and to all composers sending us their music.

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