Friday, 27 May 2016

PLAYLIST 26-05-2016

  1. *Libby Larsen: Sorrow Song and Jubilee
  2. *Rain Worthington:Yet Still Night
  3. *Rain Worthington: Fast Through Dark Winds
  4. *Margaret Brandman: Undulations: I. Adagio with sensitivity
  5. *Margaret Brandman: Undulations: II. Vigorously, Langorously
  6. *Patricia Morehead: The Handmaid's tale: I. Night
  7. *Patricia Morehead: Ladders of Anxiety
  8. *Patricia Morehead: It's Dangerous to Read Newspapers
  9. *Svjetlana Bukvich: Sabih's dream
  10. *Svjetlana Bukvich: Before and after the tekke
  11. Mira Milosavljevic: In the middle of the path for mezzo sopran, guitar and clarinet
  12. Ana Krstajic; Puzzle-estreno
  13. Maryanne Smart: The Apparition 
  14. Rebecca Faith: Never To Forsake
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NOTE: Mistake in Ariane's commentary: Svjetlana Bukvich is from Bosnia and Herzegovina 

- *PARMA recordings:

-Interview of Svjetlana Bukvich, Beyond Evolution
A Radio show hosted by David Weinstein

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  1. Ariane, Thanks so much for including my orchestral music. What a terrific playlist.