Sunday, 11 November 2012

PLAYLIST 08-11-12

  1. Susie SELF: Spirit of the valley.
  2. Susie SELF: Definition.
  3. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: She finds ways. (From mestreamed for J. Cage.)
  4. John CAGE: Slowly. (CD incl. Meredith Monk compo.)
  5. Elisabeth DEVEGT: Noctavagant.
  6. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: The story of that. (From mestreamed for J. Cage.)
  7. Pauline OLIVEROS and Mia MASOAKA: Afternoon, Hirusugi.
  8. Lisa MEARS: Gathering the morning dew.
  9. Lisa MEARS: Painting a rainbow.
  10. Lisa MEARS: Sunrise over the mountain.
  11. Ingrid SCHMOLINER with Mauro Tiberi: The weird fag frog.
  12. Lulu ONG: No enough coffee.
  13. Xu FENGXIA and Ingrid SCHMOLINER: sesanfuartgong und nermakuman.
  14. Sister Rosetta THARPE: Train.
  15. Dorotha DYWANSKA: Der Sonnensang.
  16. Dorotha DYWANSKA: The Hymn to Aphrodite.
  17. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: First I heard her name (from Karpestra Dairies.)

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