Thursday, 1 November 2012

PLAYLIST 25-10-12

  1. Hildegard WESTERKAMP: Dhvani.
  2. Stepanida Borisova:  (Black Raven) Khara Suor.
  3.  Shirley WALKER: Phantasm's graveyard murder. (From film: Batman, Mask of phantasm.)
  4. Shirley WALKER (with Elfman): The tide turns (Suite). (From film: Edward Scissorhands.)
  5. Rachel PORTMAN: We all complete. (From film Never let me go.)
  6. Debbie WISEMAN: Echoes of Camilla.(Theme for film: Lesbian vampire killer.)
  7. Debbie WISEMAN: Before you go. (For film: Something there.)
  8. Debbie WISEMAN: Oscar. (Theme from film Wilde)
  9. Leslie BARBER: Before you go.(From film: Moth Diaries.)
  10. Jennie MUSKETT:Dance with the Devil. (From film: Spooks.)
  11. Jennie MUSKETT: Beyond reach.(From film: Miss Austen's regret.)
  12. Rachel FORSYTH: Shadow fall.
  13. Rachel FORSYTH: While Away.
  14. Dorota DYWANSKA: Hymn of creature.
This week film music composers:
 Shirley Walker, Rachel Portman, Debbie Wiseman, Leslie Barber, Jennie Muskett.

Here are 2 interesting articles on female composers in film industry:

  • See article of Michael Carlsson:

  • Also don't be alarmed with picture of this following article:

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