Wednesday, 21 November 2012

PLAYLIST 15-11-12

1. Virginia Aurora SCOTT: Hallhill.
2. Sang-Mi ANH: Loki's castle.
3. Unsuk CHIN: Violin concerto, mvt 2.
4. Sang-Mi ANH: Dirge for the Earth elements.
5. Joseph Jarman with Myra MELFORD: Love in Dreamtime. (From CD Out of the mist.)
6. Myra MELFORD and Tanya KALMANOVITCH: Daulaghiri.
7. Myra MELFORD and Tanya KALMANOVITCH: Wapanama.
8. Myra MELFORD and Tanya KALMANOVITCH: Kailash.
9. Myra MELFORD (TRIO M): Even birds have homes (to return to).
10. Tanja ORNING: Hommage a Anna Eva Bergman.
11. Natasha BARRETT: Microclimate IV, Wet face.
12. Natasha BARRETT: Microclimate VI, Remote gate.
13. Kaaia SAARIAHO: 6 japanese gardens No6, stone bridge.
14. Kaaia SAARIAHO: D'om le vrai sensVI, A mon seul desir.

  • Listen to Unsuk CHIN , Su played by Wu Wei 

  • NEWS: Sang-MI ANH has won the 31st  Republic of Korea composition Prize 

         with her chamber orchestra piece LOKI'S CASTLE! Congratulation!

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